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  1. Open_Class

    09 Reliability :: what is your story

    I have had the 06, 07, 08, and now 09. My 06 had a season by me and half season by a buddy. All my Kawis have full year riding and racing but never really knew what the actual hours have been. based on my 09 hours today (first time i installed hour meter) I suspect they all had 120+ hours on them and they all started perfect and ran strong. I checked the valve pretty regularly on the 06, 07, and then a little less on the 08, and once now (35hours) on the 09. Since I have never had any issues and even the 2 adjusts I did (1 on 06, and one 07, or maybe 06 and 08??) was not because they fell out of spec, but becasue they where on the edge and I adjusted to the middle of spec. The only issue I have right now....ate through the lower chain guide rubber and into the guide (TM Designs on order).
  2. Open_Class

    09 Reliability :: what is your story

    Yeah, I have been on hiatus….riding the 09 KXF 450. 3 kicks cold max after sitting a week or two. Only two kicks tops once warm and even in gear.
  3. Open_Class

    09 Reliability :: what is your story

    I have been so impressed with the 09 KXF 450 and I am starting to wonder if I am not a little biased Turns out I have one of the units that needed the EFI injector body (recall). Well, the bike has a little over 30 hours on it and I have never even looked at the valves. I decided the recall was a great opportunity to have the valves checked. Yes, this is an egregious lack of maintenance and I have never been so irresponsible. It's just that the bike has so damn amazing, easy starting, great power, no issues....I just kind of let is go. I know, I know, it won't happen again. So? how did the valves look....spot on!! right on spec. Plug looked great as well. I LOVE this bike! Let's hear your stories good and bad.
  4. Open_Class

    enzo vs rg3

    I am under the impression that nobody has the rear springs yet and they are using collars on now kawi spec springs. Is this so?
  5. Open_Class

    2009 KX450F Transmission Issues

    I have larger feet (size 13) and found that the +15 hammer head shift tip and playing with the position of the shift lever makes for very clean shifts. I too make firm shifts up just to make sure. This is a life long thing because I never wanted to get passed on a missed shift. I consider it a sin.
  6. Open_Class

    fork sub tanks

    Anyone know if there is any fundamental differance between: Air Cell .............($299.00) Framebreaker ....($339.00) Enzo ................($350.00) Others?
  7. Open_Class

    09 Kx450f Vs 08/09 Rmz450

    Yup, In this case (Honda and KTM) it is the few who are hurt by the many. They are making ready the cool-aide and awaiting their comet
  8. Open_Class

    09 Kx450f Vs 08/09 Rmz450

    It is call fanaticism. Same as the terrorists. It make not allowance for rationalism or common sense. I see it a lot in the Honda and KTM crowd as well. You have to just laugh with that knowing smile.
  9. Open_Class

    Merry Xmas All

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  10. Open_Class

    09 Kx450f Vs 08/09 Rmz450

    BEcause it needs to be said...Your an idiot.
  11. Open_Class

    2009 CRF450 vs KX450

    Well, then you must be dissapointed with the 09 build quality. The CRF is having some 1st year issues. Your point in general is invalid. If you take care of all these bikes you will not see issues. I have owned Yami, Honda, and Kawi (new bike every year since 2000) and have not had any major issues with any of them. THe ONLY minor complaint I had was the 04-05 CRF 450 valves needed adjustment a lot. I have seen an equal amount of busted bikes across brands. For 09, I have only seen 2, and they were both CRF 450's What does it mean? Not a damn thing! Do not buy any of these bikes based on some BS notion of quality. They are all good right now and that is not a meaningful criteria at this point. Best fit Least amount of money to spend getting it set up for you Best style of power delivery (and even that can be adjusted) These are more legitimate questions. But, that is just how I see it.
  12. Open_Class

    dyno results from todays tuning session...

    Then that CRF had some serious mapping done. Was it piped only? it sems like to generate that much torque down low it would need a cam.
  13. Open_Class

    CRF450R number one in Transworld Shootout!

    worthless review. They do not even mention the obvious stuff that needs to be addressed, which can, but they just pander to the advertising dollar.
  14. Open_Class

    dyno results from todays tuning session...

    from ab ouot 5500 - 9000 the useable range the kX is a torque monster. from 5500 - 6200 holy cow!
  15. Open_Class

    it finally arrived!!!!!

    what dis it cost? Or what is retail on the damn thing. I have heard from 300 - 575. Thanks