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  1. Ministermatt

    KZ Sportman Toyhauler

    I have to agree with Colo.TJ on the fueling station. Our generator runs off the pump station and we never have to carry gas in the garage. We mix the 2 stroke at the track in one gallon cans that stow under the trailer. Are you getting the built in generator? That also is worth it. Way quieter than any 5500 portable. If you will always be at a place with electric I suppose it is not a worry. Remeber the intent of a TH is to be able to go to no-man's land for several days of riding and fun. Having been to no-man's land I have yet to find an electric hook up!
  2. Ministermatt

    KZ Sportman Toyhauler

    We have a 2005 KZ Sportsman 30P! Not a fifth wheel but we do like it. The only problem we have had is a leaky water connection and a broken power bed. Both were taken care of under the 2 year warrenty at the dealer we purchased it from. We have 8 kids and use the trailer all the time. It gets a lot of use and holds up great. Don't waste your money on the nonslip garage floor liner. The slightest bit of dampness and you can't get up the ramp. Oh yea, request a quality tire, not the Nankang tires. We had 2 blow outs before they replaced them with Michelins. Tread had seperated on all the tires.
  3. Ministermatt


    I used it on my '03 Dodge Ram. It takes 2 coats to get on thick enough to protect. I liked it because it is definitely no slip, water, oil or whatever, no problems. Prep work it key! Follow the instructions and don't be stingy with the stuff. I traded the truck in '05 and it still looked good.
  4. Ministermatt

    Seperate Garage

    KZ Sportsman Sportster 30P. Has a 14 foot garage. We love it.
  5. Ministermatt

    Midwest Offroad/MX Christian Riders

    Springfield. Buffallo, Legends, Playground, Cabool. We are racing and preaching in the Show Me Series right now.
  6. Ministermatt

    Midwest Offroad/MX Christian Riders

    No church backing at the present time, just our family ministry. We have good turn outs at our services. Usually 25-35 people, two weeks ago we must have had 60 people show up. I keep it short, usually about a 12 minute message. Always present the gospel, though very rarely do I give any kind of invitation to come forward or raise a hand. Usually I take prayer request. We would like to start some type of Saturday night ministry for the families that camp. Maybe a video projector for some outdoor family movies.
  7. Ministermatt

    Midwest Offroad/MX Christian Riders

    Here is what we go to the races in We do Sunday services at the local events we race. People are really glad we are there. Have you guys started anything in your area yet? We just saw a need for some type of track side ministry and started Families of Faith.
  8. Ministermatt

    Best Roost Photo Or Video !

    My son at age 7 Me age 36 Me back in the day, age 24, a different kind of roost
  9. I used Herculiner in 2003 on a brand new 3/4 ton. It works great IF you prep properly. Clean, score, reclean and tape. It did take 2 gallons to get good covering. Held up great for the two years I had the truck. Hauled all kinds of stuff including bikes. Does not get the least bit slick when wet or oily. $400 is really not that bad of deal to let someone else hassle with the work. I used Herculiner because it was going to cost me $700+ for Rhino.
  10. Ministermatt

    Racing MX vs Quads

    In 2001 I got back into dirt riding by buying a quad, thinking it would not be as "dangerous". WRONG. IF you plan on riding on MX tracks, get a BIKE. Quads tend to beat you to death and when you crash they have a tendency to EAT you! Doesn't matter what direction you crash a quad will tumble and find you and EAT you. A bike has less of a tendency to do that. Good luck... Buy a BIKE...
  11. Ministermatt

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    Fill up Leatt's email in box. Write them and let them know how you feel, good or bad. If Geoff opens his email and has a couple of thousand emails supporting TT he may think twice about his decision. A friend of mine ordered a brace direct from Leatt over a month ago. No brace, no communication. Of course his credit card was charged the day he ordered.
  12. Ministermatt

    anyone know what happened with tyler evans?

    There were two Kevin Johson's racing. I think the one that Evans tried to take out was KJ from Team Faith, not sure on that but it looked like him. Takes a pretty tough guy to grab the face mask of anothers helmet. I know emotions run HIGH, but using the face mask take down is over the top and Evans should be punished accordingly.
  13. Ministermatt

    Midwest boys making a go at SX

    A couple of youngsters from NE Kansas and SW Missouri made the main event at Vancouver SX Lights and did great. Dennis Jonan from NE Kansas finished 9th! Jimmy Albertson from SW Missouri finished 6th! (I think this was his first SX) I have seen both of these kids ride at local events and it is so cool to see them doing big things now. Great job guys!
  14. Ministermatt

    Motorcycle vs. ATV

    I will echo what everyone else seems to be saying. While a youngster may fall over more on a bike, the bike will not have the tendency to "eat" him up like a quad. Quads just give a false sense of security. I also see kids of all ages on bikes with way more safety gear than kids on quads. That may lend itself to an increase in bad injury.