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  1. racersnake

    Time for Top End?

    cool thanks ,
  2. racersnake

    Time for Top End?

    I have an 07 yz250f , just set valves and it runs great , im not the first owner , and its always been woods bike. Question is how does everyone gauge when these 4strokes are in need of top-end build? checking compression like old school or something else P.S. i always have had 2smokers
  3. racersnake

    drz valve adjustment

    does anyone have any experience with adjusting the vavles on a drz , and mine just has 1000 miles , not to be anal but this is my 1st thumper and didnt know if i needed to check them? thanks jake
  4. racersnake

    xr650 starting

    so no r models had an e-start, l is the dual purpose model right. thanks jake
  5. racersnake

    xr650 starting

    are all years xr650 electric start, jake
  6. racersnake

    fork oil capacities ttr225

    doing a seal change on 225 forks does anyone know the amount needed for refill ?? thanks
  7. racersnake

    TTR225 oil capacities

    DOES anyone know the amount of fork oil to put back in after a rebuild on a ttr225 and oil capacity when changing oil and filter? thanks jake