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  1. Don't forget there are 2 "Kennedy Meadows" in California. The one being discussed is NOT the Kennedy Meadows along 108 near the Sonora Pass.
  2. I may be interested in selling mine. It has 10 hrs on it. Minor scrapes on right vertical leading edge (as if you took a wood rasp to it) literally just on edge, but none on the sides/body if that makes sense. And you don't really need to get a new seat, (at least not with my 450 '07) your stock one just wont align perfectly with the line of the tank visually, more of an aesthetic thing than fitment or functional. Let me know if interested.
  3. right on Scott, see you in the morning.
  4. See you at 8:30 tomorrow. I just checked doesn't seem to be raining but I don't know if it did earlier.
  5. Bummer Krannie, next time, I hope. Sunday it is c250pierce. I'll be there around 8:30.
  6. When did that happen? All the way until I checked it last night the rain was only a 40% chance and didn't look like much would happen. And you're right, it's absolutely impossible to ride there when wet. I've almost burnt out a clutch trying to go DOWNHILL, there was so much sticky mud the tire couldn't roll. I can move it to Sunday but can you guys? Are you out there Krannie? It takes almost 2 hours for me to get out there so there's no point if its gonna rain.
  7. Hey Matt, Well I can give you a ride report without having to go this weekend. Many more trails have closed, or at least within the last 10 years they have started to enforce the "If it's not marked as a trail it is illegal to ride on" law. I'vae gotten 2 tickets for that one. And any trail you thought was whooped out before; well they've got a little extra for you now. The rest is pretty much the same, a fun place to ride if you artfully repeat or constantly criss cross trails you've been on already. As far as whatever the ground is like this weekend, if it's moist that willl have nothing to do with two weeks from now. Should be a pretty time of year and it still seems you never actually see that many people out on the trails. If there is anything else noteworthy after this weekend I'll let you know. cement seat
  8. Cool, cr250pierce, didn't see your post. The earlier the better!
  9. Me too. See ya then!
  10. No, no, Krannie. That's 2 loops. 45? I thought those things went forever on a tank. I generally do about 45-50 on the first loop but we can refuel sooner if you need.
  11. Sounds good to me Krannie. As stated I'll park in the area just inside the entrance on the left. A grey Titan. KTM bike. I guess you should be there at whatever time will have you sittin' on your bike ready to hit the trail around 9:15. Look forward to it. I generally ride 60 - 70 miles but you can bail out whenever you want.
  12. Cool. I know the place very well. I generally get there about 8:45 it seems, and hit the trail aound 9:30. You can either catch me then and we can go for a loop or come by and we'll arrange for a loop later. Or leave a note. I generally park in the area just inside the entrance on the left. A grey Titan. KTM bike. Hope to see ya.
  13. Down in So. Cal. If you were at Gorman/Hungry Valley it is about an hour from there, Northwest.
  14. i could use a riding buddy this Sat. 3/26 at Ballinger Canyon. 1-2 people max. No beginners. (Unless you want to be thrashed, or cry easy)