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  1. Wheelman

    Can someone explain

    Thanks for the links. Is it ever televised? I would like to watch it.
  2. Wheelman

    Can someone explain

    Could someone explaine SuperMoto to me? I've ridden streetbikes and just recently bought a Yam TTR 125 and a Honda CRF 230. I'm new to dirt bikes. These SuperMotos look like dirt bikes with street tires. Where are they raced? Please tell me about them. They look pretty cool to me. Can't say that I've heard of a racing series called SuperMoto. Is it professional or amatuer? Where is it done? Please enlighten me.
  3. Wheelman

    Tach on a dirtbike?

    Something like this Hardline hour and tach meter is what you're looking for http://crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/1475
  4. Why are these dirt bikes so hard to start and keep running when they're cold? I'm new to dirt bikes. Just got my first one (TTR 125) in October. Bought a CRF 230 the other day. Is it because they're so lean? I mean I've got a lawn tractor that starts the first time and runs fine within 10 to 20 seconds. I've never had a lawn mower that was hard to start. Powerwasher, no problem. And of course, street motorcycles, never had a problem. By comparison, these dirt bikes seem like they're from the stone age. Anyone else feel that way? It's the 21st century. It shouldn't be this difficult.
  5. Wheelman

    Considering a CRF230

    Thanks to everyone who replied. You confirmed what I was thinking. I stopped in at my local dealer today and found out that the 05 230s are on sale this month, so I might end up with one before January. Thanks again.
  6. Wheelman

    Considering a CRF230

    I'm considering a CRF230 as a second off road bike. In October got a TTR125 for myself and 15 year old daughter to play with. It's a lot of fun, but I'm thinking second bike now, mostly for me. Everyone seems happy with their 230s. Do they require much maintenance? I would like move into the 250 class, but it sounds like they are high maintenance. Top end work and frequent valve adjustments and what not. The CRF230s don't make nearly as power, so I'm guessing they are simpler and less finicky. Am I correct? Also seems like the larger displacement and power, the taller the bikes get. I'm only 5'9''. I can get my feet flat when I sit on a 230 at the dealer. I would be on toes with 250s. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  7. Wheelman

    TTR125LE - Is this normal?

    I just got a TTR 125LE a couple of weeks ago. Starting it cold, I put the choke on full and it starts right away, and idles kind of fast. After about a half a minute or so, the idle goes down and then I run the choke down. The motor keeps running at idle, but if I turn the throttle at all, it dies. I have to let it idle probably 3 or 4 more minutes before I can give it any throttle without it dying. Is this normal? Thanks in advance for any help?
  8. Wheelman

    Tower City 10/14 - 10/16

    I don't think I can make it this weekend, but I would like to go there some time. I live just north of Baltimore, so Tower City is about 2.5 hours away for me. It will have to be when I can devote all day. I just got a TT-R125L last weekend. First dirt bike. Can't wait to take it on some trails. I'm too old for racing and jumping. Just riding on trails would be good. Hope to meet you there some time.