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  1. Thanks so much for all the replies. He is looking to get (2) 400s 2006 models for him and his wife, lucky ba**ards!!! Anyways, he just wants to get the most miles per tank that he can in case of an emergency, (natural disaster) or otherwise. So, im thinking the IMS tank, with a small rack on the back (luggage rack) or something with a small reserve gas tank should at least get him 200 miles depending on how big the other gas tank is??
  2. My friends Dad approached me yesterday and asked me about a DRZ400S, and wanted to know what the range on one of them is, (miles to a tank) and if he could get a bigger tank?? I know you can get a bigger tank, but what kind of range are you guys getting with these?? Stock or otherwise?? Thanks a bunch.
  3. Can anybody help me with this???
  4. Excuse me for asking, but I was just trying to find an easier way for me to ride until my wrist gets better. Any why cant it be done?? And what is that throttle tube supposed to do anyways??
  5. I know this is going to sould hella stupid, but oh well. A while back, I broke my right wrist when I was riding. Now that it has healed, it is still quite weak, and I have a hard time controlling the throttle on landings with my 250f. (03' by the way) Now, is it possible to put a thumb throttle on the bike?? Has anybody done this?? Thanks for any info.