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  1. my friend raced one in hs...there good bikes they have more bottom end then the other 2 smoke 85s.. if your kid is tall get him on a rm85L
  2. did you cut the exhaust tip and the front fender?
  3. photoshop:p
  4. heres another vid of him on that bike...its really smokin?
  5. the sand is takin all the power from that bike...around 51 seconds the bike is gettin bogged down so bad
  6. put it up for 4000 obo
  7. hey guys, i wanna go riding tom. but i only have my tank half full with 93. can i top my tank off with 87 just this once? thanks in advance.
  8. Was the older guy in the tent when he realized he was under attack?
  9. Bike looks pretty new, was it broken in?
  10. on my yz250f, that happens when you give it gas while your kicking it. Twist the throttle 1-3 times before you kick it
  11. You know your a redneck if you had anything to do with the making of this video.
  12. thanks for the quick replies... are rivets made of crappy quality metal?
  13. Is there a way to take rivets out? Or once you put them you cant get them out? I really need to take rivets out of something if its possible....thanks for the help
  14. Note to self: Dont buy a bike from eddl.
  15. Thanks for the help soulman...What would you guys reccomend as far as settings for my suspension?