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  1. kawirider25

    Motovert or pitster pro X2R?

    i say x2 and the only reason to that is becuase they are on sale
  2. kawirider25

    Maybe selling??

    if you are lucky im sayin lucky lucky u may be able to get like maybe 1200.. thats alot of china on it.
  3. kawirider25

    does anyone have a link to this video?

    ive never herd of him standing on langstons bike.. only on tedescos at gh... videos on tt just look around
  4. kawirider25

    i need some pics

    that bikes real nice
  5. kawirider25

    Global Moto Outlet Sucks

    where is this outlet located. im in socal
  6. kawirider25

    valve seat problems

    oh ok but the 05 and 06 heads and valves are usable right
  7. kawirider25


    wats the big deal with the bars. whats wrong with the stock ones.
  8. kawirider25

    04 Valves

    how does it make you look bad.
  9. kawirider25

    Yoshi exhaust on YZ250F

    you can buy a quiet thing for it.. i forgot wat its called
  10. kawirider25

    Factory Metals

    all factory metals stuff is. my freind josh has a factory metals 50. thats he only brand he bought for his bike. ther barkit is good too
  11. kawirider25

    Yoshi exhaust on YZ250F

    get a rocket exhuast or a yoshi. i herd yoshis are awsome on yami thumpers
  12. kawirider25


    i want to see more pics man
  13. kawirider25


    how are these years for the yz250f. anything bad with these years or anything good with these years
  14. kawirider25

    good deal?

    yea thatsd probly the extreme 107 that was a bad bike. go with the klx110 it rocks
  15. kawirider25

    pitster videos

    yea i wanna see some videos with good racing or anykind of riding on a pitster and i wanna hear sound.