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  1. YZ117

    JE Piston

    Good news. Thx Guys.
  2. YZ117

    JE Piston

    Im putting in a high compression piston in my 450, it is perfectly jetted now. Will I need to re jet with the 13.5:1 piston?
  3. YZ117

    Valve clearance

    Right on. Thx.
  4. YZ117

    Valve clearance

    Does anyone know if its the same on a YZF as it is a YFZ? Thx.
  5. YZ117

    Yamaha Valve clearance

    Will it be the same on a YZF as it will on a YFZ? Thx.
  6. YZ117

    After the first ride

    Got mine in July, ride twice a week and every time I ride it, the pure thrill of riding such an awesome bike makes me sorget about such trivial things. Sorry.
  7. YZ117

    After the first ride

    waaah, my lightest feeling, most stable, bullet proof motor, best suspended from the factory bike that won the National series and is about to win the SX series has a scuffed engine case cover. C'mon!
  8. YZ117

    cam mod

    absolutely worth the time. you WILL notice a difference and its not that hard to do.
  9. YZ117

    How do banshees compare?

    whens the last time you were at the dunes? sad to say banshees are way out numbered. when ever i do see one i ride behind it just to smell the exhaust.
  10. YZ117

    Yamaha Fire Power

    Can't wait to try it out at Glamis this Friday for new years. Local Checker Auto had these on sale for $119. That is a $400 light. Sold out in hours. Its a 7" HID.
  11. YZ117

    07 yfz

    If you retard your exhaust cam a tooth you will lose bottom end snap but with a Yosh pipe, airbox mod, cam mod, and a jet kit my 07 flat out rips on top.
  12. YZ117

    Yamaha Yosh exhaust

    Has anyone had good luck on thier YFZ with one?
  13. It is possible.http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=530317&highlight=sexy
  14. You cannot compare an 03 yZ with an 07, it is that good. One thing you will get with the Yammy is a bullet proof mill. Their reliability is almost legendary.
  15. YZ117

    2008 YZ450f!

    caliper clearance