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  1. bgsworld

    Painful Tech 8's

    yeah, that works. Stand in water for a minute or so and then go ride, walk around, whatever. They break in way faster that way. Don't they make products similar to glove oils for that? EH! water is cheaper!
  2. bgsworld

    Painful Tech 8's

    Go Sidi and you'll never have a problem with boots again AND you'll get better protection. They're also guaranteed for a LONG TIME so they will replace them. Good luck...
  3. bgsworld

    No Brakes!!!

    would they just go out and stop working for no reason? Just from sitting?
  4. bgsworld

    No Brakes!!!

    might be too early in the marriage to test those waters...might have to dodge a few projectiles on my way out the door. Bad enough I need to get a new rim.
  5. bgsworld

    RAD mx wheels

    thanks-found it
  6. bgsworld

    No Brakes!!!

    I know, I should be caned...I feel bad enough as it is. Nah, I pumped em a bunch of times and still nothing. Luckily I found the problem before trying to use them. I'm kind of stumped but then...maybe I deserve the headache for letting her get so lonely and dusty...Doh!
  7. bgsworld

    RAD mx wheels

    Can anyone help me with the web address for Rad Rims? Can't seem to find it. Thanks
  8. bgsworld

    No Brakes!!!

    OK, I took a break from riding, got married and moved. When I went to take my bike for a spin around the block, I found that my back brakes don't work any more. ????? I haven't made any changes and other than just sitting for about a month, my '04 450 has no rear brakes. Any suggestions??? PLEASE HELP!!!
  9. bgsworld

    Yes or No

    I just got one and I'm stoked so far-hadn't had to do too much work on it yet but I'm sure the time will come. Lovin it!
  10. bgsworld

    Got new 2006 450 TODAY!!!

    That sounds (and looks) a little high. No matter though-the flow of money into your new bike will never end. Nice Bike though.
  11. Just wondering....it might be time-is it easy?
  12. bgsworld

    Grip Glue

    I have used WD-40 before and it worked but only in a pinch. And you have to tie wire it because if it gets wet, you're done. Seriously though, it works!
  13. bgsworld

    Had to share with you

    Those graphics look mean. Good Job!
  14. just something that stuck a long time ago. I'm Bobby and its my world...Not in an egotistical way though. my last name begins with 'g'. Anyway, the weather is super rainy and shot today so no riding . Maybe tomorrow...
  15. wait...how'd you know my name???