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  1. GasBoySun

    Trail Riding Near Charleston?

    Just moved to the Charleston area from Rhode Island, yeah I know damn Yankee. But never mind that I been here over a month and I'm not seeing many bikes in the back of trucks and I'm starting to think there are not any legal riding areas close by. I'm used to crazy hills, rock gardens, sand, mud, stream and so on. If any one can let me in any good place near by I'd appreciate it. If there aren't any places near by I'll be forced to sell my bikes and go for some jet ski's. Thanks for any help.
  2. GasBoySun

    Pachaug Forest

    Where is the Pachaug forrest? Is it in Portland?
  3. GasBoySun

    Riding In RI and CT

    In the burriville area? I hear there are some good trails over there. But my uncles friends got pinched earlier this year there.
  4. GasBoySun

    Another DEP Crackdown in CT

    I live near Middletown and last year we ran in to the DEP guy. He was jerky at first but he became cool quickly. He told us we need off road/ATV plates and we could ride with out getting a ticket. I believe it to be true, he said state forests could be ridden in and everything so it might be something to look in to.
  5. GasBoySun

    Who knows why an aftermarkt pipe is better

    I have a Leo Vince on my SV650 and it's awsome. It has great sound and performance. I'm waiting for them to come out with the one for the 06 WR. I know I did the cheap mod on my bike but I'd throw that away for a Leo.
  6. GasBoySun

    Another DEP Crackdown in CT

    Where in Ct was this at?
  7. GasBoySun


    I let my 450 sit for sometimes 2 or 3 weeks at a time along with my girlfriends TT-R 230, they crank a little but always start. I only use 93 octane and only Shell, Mobile, or Exxon. I've found that these suppliers burn extremely clean and I have the least amount of problems with them. I know all these suppliers add ethanol to their fuel. So before sending it to the shop at $70 plus an hour try that.
  8. GasBoySun

    Who knows why an aftermarkt pipe is better

    I changed the last baffle to a 1 1/4" baffle (homemade) I think it's pretty insane now. I know I went the cheap way, but i wasn't trying to set any land speed records. Plus I'm held back alot by my inexpirenced girl friend riding with me on her TTR 230.
  9. GasBoySun

    Riding In RI and CT

    Thanks for the info
  10. GasBoySun

    Riding In RI and CT

    Thanks I just signed up
  11. GasBoySun

    Riding In RI and CT

    Has anyone riden in the Rhode Island Desert? I remember hearing about it when I was younger, people used to say it was awsome.
  12. GasBoySun

    Riding In RI and CT

    Does anybody know where a whole bunch of people gather just to ride?
  13. GasBoySun

    Riding In RI and CT

    About how much land is there at Thomaston Dam? Is there enough to make a day trip out of it or only a couple of hours? Is there any challenging trails at all there?
  14. GasBoySun

    Riding In RI and CT

    Hey to all you local folks. I travel between these two states and I'm having trouble finding good solid riding with no threats of cops. I have a WR 450 and my inexperienced girlfriend has TTR 230. I'm trying to teach her properly how to ride, and it's becoming more and more difficult. If anyone has any suggestion where to ride instant message me and let me know. I'm also 26 years old so it I know how to respect where I riding. I just want a good place to ride. Thanks
  15. GasBoySun

    Unleashed 06 WR450

    Thanks I'll try that when I put my new fuel screw in.