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  1. jvorpagel

    92 DR 350, choke works like a kill switch

    I am working on getting that pilot replaced, I have to order a new one, will let you guys know how it turns out. Thanks for all the info.
  2. jvorpagel

    92 DR 350, choke works like a kill switch

    I pulled the carb off, and attemted to remove the pilot jet but the head is damaged. Looks like most likely that is the problem since that is where fuel comes from if the choke is off. I will look into extracting it but am a little nervous. Would a plugged pilot jet also affect the mid to high RPM range? I thought it only applied to lower RPMs and am having trouble keeping it running even if I raise the RPMS before I kill the choke.
  3. jvorpagel

    92 DR 350, choke works like a kill switch

    I did a little more research and found that the carb has a vacuum vent for the petcock, that has long since been changed out. I now have a petcock with no second outlet and plugged the associated vent from my carb. Still no luck. It runs so well with the choke on, Ive got to have something simple wrong but cant seem to figure out what. When I turn the choke off it kills instantly, like I hit the kill switch. If I keep the RPMs up, and turn the choke off, the bike backfires, runs like crap and eventually dies. My pilot screw is set out about 1.5 turns. It seems too drastic a change to be a little off on my mixture.
  4. jvorpagel

    92 DR 350, choke works like a kill switch

    I have a dr 350 i got from somebody.The carburator had been taken apart before. Bike runs with choke on, but dies as soon as its off. Im not familar with the diapham style choke. I was wondering if anyone else had any problems
  5. jvorpagel

    92 DR 350, oil overfilled

    I would appreciate help with a problem I am having with my 92 DR 350. My buddy owns the bike and filled it with oil while it was cold (overfilled) and it started blowing smoke and dripping oil out the exhaust. I have worked on a few things before (at least more than he has) and thought if oil was getting in the cylinder the oil ring must have been damaged. We changed the top end and all looks good as far as I can tell, but it is still not running well at all. I dont know if the oil is still getting into the cylinder or not, but it runs so long as I stay on the throttle, then dies after a while. The plug is dry and I have cleaned the carb out. I know this may be vague but does anybody know of there are any other problems with overfilling with oil?