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  1. My mom is always at camp, so I guess aything has been taken. I found a pair of goggles once. But, they were some generic brand so I gave them away.
  2. ThumpJump

    where can i ride

    I like Rocky Ridge and Bulcher. Rocky Ridge is over by Decatur, and Bulcher is near Muenster. If you love intense trails go to Dripping Springs. I dont know exactly where it is just p.m. me if you want to know. But, if you aren't used to insane stuff, you will find your self in between a rock and a hard place out there.............literally. Pierce
  3. ThumpJump

    How far have you jumped?

    i have jumped 11' on accident. I have to say it was kewl! Freestyle here I come........
  4. ThumpJump

    The Best Video You Will Watch.

    Not the brightest tool in the shed are you buddy?
  5. ThumpJump

    How many TTers in TX?

    By* OOPS
  6. ThumpJump

    How many TTers in TX?

    I'm chillin' up in Gainesville. The big dip. Right ob the border of Oakie Land. GO LONGHORNS!!!!!!