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  1. Damn thats looks good.... the bike I mean;)
  2. One Industries look good, here are a couple pics of my 05'. It has a Factory Effex seat cover aswell.
  3. Oops, sorry bout that lol
  4. I know its not a pic (yes its a repost) but watch 26 sceonds into it.
  5. Well, I can't say thier crap, but the rip just as easily as any other grip. But they do hold up well against regular wear.
  6. Has Anyone seen the track off highway 115, just past the Sanaraska Park? Whats the deal with that place? Never see anyone riding there, might be a private track, don't know.
  7. Trust me, thier not as good as you might think. I fell in a corner and they got
  8. Same
  9. Ya, I wish I was rich to...
  10. If someone can't tell thats not a 125, they should not be riding a dirtbike...
  11. Can I come play?
  12. Ok, thanks.
  13. No the Suzuki is mine and the Yamaha is my brothers, thanks.
  14. Wow... I just lost all respect for you.
  15. I think you will notice a quickshot will help you out more, pipes really don't give you a lot of power. And yes the smaller rear sprocket (or larger front) will give you a much taller gear without sacrificing to much bottom end, you should go for that for sure if you ride mx or trails, I had a 50 tooth and went to a 46, much faster out there on the track.