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  1. I have had both,and I am all for the flatbed style.Couple of front wheel chalks from Harbor Freight and your good. You can haul gas cans,and any other necessities between the bikes,strap it down and your good.
  2. bfiracer

    Leaving California

    take a quad rider with ya
  3. bfiracer

    Motocross Helmet Walkie Talkies

    search pci race radios
  4. A little more money than some mentioned,but the Garmin 76cs is awesome.Multiple mounts for vehicle,to handle bars, to just laying in a pack.Color screen,AA batteries about 20 hrs worth.From bike to car with audible turn prompts and is very rugged. I have 500.00 into it with maps which you must purchase,and multiple mounts.
  5. bfiracer

    What do you guys do for the winter?

    I winterize the boat and pull out the bikes!!! California desert's in the winter are and unreal time!
  6. bfiracer

    Who's going to Baja to watch the 1000k?

    Weather man transmits on 151.625 for sure and Team Honda on 151.955 not so sure. Beer spilled on paper.
  7. bfiracer

    Thinking of Buying a 650L

    Just bought and 06 650L . 80 mph highway no problem and more throttle.