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  1. How do I lower the seat height of my 2004 YZ-450F? My son wants to ride my 450, but he is about seven inches lower than me in the inseam. Mike
  2. Thank you all for your help. I will keep my eyes open and my camera charged up so I can share photos of what works. I bought an used YZ-85 fork and wheel on-line from e-bay. My plan is to use the stock hubs with HD spokes to create a supermoto front wheel and use untill I ge t 17 inch.
  3. Who can I contact for a schedule of the indoor racing in Leesburg? The cart track does not list it on its website ( Can you give me more info on Richmond? Do you have photos of your brake modification? There is a machine shop 1/2 mile away from me, and they have been very helpful in the past!!!! Thanks for your help M
  4. I have been working all winter upgrading my little TTR-125 into a supermoto beast. I've done the air-box & filter, FMF exhaust, BBR frame cradle, heavier rear spring, BBR big bore kit, upgraded BBR carb kit, SE handlebars with acerbis wood cutters. New sprokets (one down in front and two down in back), new chain, 17 inch supermoto wheels and performance Dunlops; yz-85 front fork. Its who's your daddy quick. I need some guidance on brakes. I want to give my little beast some improved brakes. I can understand the stainless brake lines and better rotors and pads. Is there a front brake kit available to give my TTR similar stopping power to my FZ-1? How have others upgraded the front brakes? Mike
  5. I am about to put a deposit down on an Aprilia SVX 4.5. I would like to race some short-track/flat track, local super-moto, and some hare scrambles. I have read that the AMA has recently decided that certain racing classes will be solely single cylinder, hence disqualifying the Aprilia from AMA racing. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  6. Try CRG bar end Mirrors.
  7. I am thinking of altering the sprokets on my yz450. I want to go down one notch in the front and up two notches in the rear. On the street bike this setup increased torque and put the power band in a more usable range. Does any one have any feedback on this modification?
  8. Maryland has three legal trails: all are out west. There is a very technically demanding 18 mile loop in the Green Ridge state forest. There are two more trails out near grantsville. You may want to check out the Baltimore county trail riders web site
  9. I have a license. I think dirt is fun, but there is no bigger thrill than going scarry fast six inches from the asphalt. I met up with some buddie this summer at the tail of the dragon: Deal's gap. It has 318 curves in 11 miles. It is an awesome ride. mike