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  1. Gorby

    first oil change ***?

    Thank You Ville. Not a stupid question. I didnt know it had two drain bolts:banghead:
  2. Gorby

    Best Price For An 08 250-sx-f

    Tell them to give it to you at msrp ($6698) "out the door". If they dont...walk!
  3. I just tried to do my first oil change on my brand new 250 sxf and only about 2 ounces of oil came out. The sight glass is totally full (above the glass). I have no idea why it's not draining:confused: It's a brand new bike and i dont have the manual for it yet. Please help...
  4. The guy at the shop said dont use a allen wrench on the oil drain bolt, he said to use some tool you can get at sears. Do i really need this tool (what is it called?) or is a allen wrench fine. Thanks guys P.S. Whats the oil capactity on the 08 250 sxf? I dont have my manual yet.
  5. 91mph on the pavement. GPS certified!
  6. Hey, where was this shot, behind the airport (grand vally ohv area)???
  7. Gorby

    78 To Ocotillo Wells Open This Weekend???

    Yes, It was supposed to open yesterday (friday) at noon if they were/are on schedule.
  8. Gorby

    Premium fuel needed????

    I always run 91.
  9. Gorby

    FMF powercore 4 VS. White bros. E2

    Thanks for the feedback Cjo6.Yeah, I did check out DR.D, they are really nice exausts but a little to pricey for my tastes. I was leaning a little towards the E2 myself ( for all the same reasons you mentioned) and am going to go ahead and get one. Thanks
  10. Help me pick. I've narrowed it down between these 2 exausts. I ride in the open desert (OHV area) 90% of the time and once in a while on U.S.F.S land (sparky/96 db). I want something nice and throaty but not obnoxiously loud. Do you guys have any feedback on either of these exhausts. Thanks:thumbsup:
  11. Does anybody have this? What exactly does it do? a little more power? Thanks
  12. Gorby

    will yzf radiator fit my wr?

    different part #'s. Oh well, thanks.
  13. Its a 99 yzf 400 radiator for a 2000 wr 400. Do u guys know if they are inchangable? Thanks.
  14. I dont race, just open desert free riding, I change mine when they get to about 50% tread depth from stock. Just curious as to when other riders swap out for new rubber.
  15. David Hunkin passed away 3 years ago last week. He was 23 years old. David was one of and my best buddies and It was hella fun riding moto and BMX with you.You are very missed bro. Rest in Peace.