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  1. I want to go to the dunes this weekend and im faced with a 17 inch supermoto wheel or a possible weekend doner wheel. i have a kx 500 rear wheel that looks to have the same bolt pattern (older kx). is it possible to make this kx wheel fit with its hardware and the drzs hareware and make it work? I have a 05 drz 400sm. or who makes a 17 supermoto paddle Id really like just a tire to fit my wheels already on the bike
  2. Im thinkin a power or ground somewhere, just seein if its happened to anyone else. Im the origanal owner and its got 20,000 mile. somethings bound to break or loosen up every now and then.
  3. I have a 05 drz 400Sm. Ive took it apart and open the harness but dont see much, the dash pireodically just shuts off and restarts up after a sec any ideas?
  4. i just filled 10 bucks of 91 and i have a clear clarke tank... no problems with a fuel gauge :: wink :: the fuel smells go to me. i donno. im really stumped and the bike is parked til i finish moving, at that point ill pull the motor and send it in or replace it. what 450 motor fits in the drz frame? i heard a qaud 450 fits
  5. anyone seen any vacume problems?... gas is a big concern to me now that the bike starts again
  6. the tank is good i got all that, ive owned the bike three yrs, bought it new and have been a member in here awhile. i feel that it might be fuel of carb related but worst case valves anyone had something similar happen ever?
  7. yea thers oil and the motor has hot cams stage 2 installed, 19,000 miles and its a 05 drz sm
  8. ok i was sitting at a light and it wouldnt change the turn arow for me, i was there idling for ten mins when i noticed the bike losing rpm's and slowly start to studer i shut the bike down, when the light turned green it would not start. i pushed it for an hr to a freinds and tried to start it again, nothing. i did notice that the bike turned over easily to where usuauly you could hear the compression point. the next day i picked the bike up and trailered it home. i again tried to start it all the sudden it sounded like it was tring to start. i tried it again and it started, everything sounds ok and now it starts normally like theres compression again.... what could be doing this vacume? gas? valves? carb? are some of my guesses, im afraid to ride the bike due to it may cause more damage. anyone got any ideas?
  9. Ive looked in the tt store and cant find the aluminum kick stand eddie and them made for the drz400sm. dose anyone know whee i can get one?....
  10. i have just put the stage 2 hc in&ex in and have the 3x3 would cutting the whole lid out be better or worse, or change my mixture screw adjustment?
  11. what advantages do i get for the money on dyno tuning or is it really needed
  12. ok thxs tuesday i will pick up a 25 pilot and a 155 main 2.75 out on the second clip down from the top. correct?
  13. ok thxs tuesday i will pick up a 25 pilot and a 155 main 2.75 out on the second clip down from the top. correct?
  14. so no need for the pilot and i will be getting the 155 when i do its 2.5 turns out? I will be going to glamis,california here soon elavtion here in mesa,az is about 1500ft and glamis is about 500 will there be any need to rejet?
  15. 2 and 1/2 turns out, thanks for the quick response eddie