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  1. Aussie_EnduroRacer

    2007 KTM 250xcf-w review and pictures

    whats the difference between the 250exc-f which where gettin in aus and the 250xcf-w which where not getting??
  2. Aussie_EnduroRacer

    bike videos

    oi boys if wanna watch a bit of racing i found a good site for it www.yourtube.com and type in enduro theres thousands!
  3. Aussie_EnduroRacer

    looking for riding buddys S/E QLD OZ

    hey, i live in brisbane but my parents live just outside gympie at mothar mountain, im keen to ride that area anytime, me and a couple of mate ride all over that area aswel as manar park and glen echo. count me in on a ride anytime
  4. Aussie_EnduroRacer

    Which To BUY??

    Thanks Boys, Yea i think il got the exc cheers
  5. Aussie_EnduroRacer

    Which To BUY??

    Hey GUYs Im in the market for a new bike, been riding a XR400R for a few years now and its good fun but i rode my mates EXC450 the other day and iv decided to update. I do Alot of Pony Express Racing which is just enduro racing. Im Lookin at geting a EXC or now there on the market maybe a CRF450X. i know a few guys that ride the ktms and they think there great with no probs on them, but the honda is about 900 cheaper, and honda claims it delivers a very smooth and broad power band which i enjoy much like the ktms. i dont know if i should save the money and get the honda or go a bit more and get the ktm. i do alot of farly tight stuff and also alot of beach riding, has there been any mechanical probs with the hondas in the states? whats the bike to have