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  1. daddysmut

    Suzuki DRZ R6 throttle install

    PM sent
  2. daddysmut

    FCRMX Pilot Jetting Assistance

    it made a HUGE difference still not 100% but i need to mess with the screw more. Thanks Eddie
  3. daddysmut

    Drz 400 Videos

    here ya go http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b257/daddysmut/?action=view&current=5ed9c62f.flv
  4. daddysmut

    FCRMX Pilot Jetting Assistance

    thanks...i'm hoping
  5. daddysmut

    FCRMX Pilot Jetting Assistance

    i'm going to rejet to a 42, MSR fuel screw and remove the 100 slow air pj. i ride daily to work and back and the cutting out is driving me crazy.......i hope this works or i'm selling the FCR. thanks for all the help Eddie
  6. daddysmut

    DRZ on Jennings - Helmet cam

    the two bikes in front of me i was just playing with. i purposely stayed behind them so that i could film them, they're friends of mine that are slower than i. the DRZ on the straight and the back section i have pinned (when hauling ass) i looked down once out of curiousity and i was doing 93mph slowly. riding a track like Jennings will let you know just how slow the DRZ is at top speeds.....but it corners on rails. that day, i only made 1 pass on the inside, every other one was on the outside....easily on top of that. the cam wasn't mine, it was another SM rider that just let me throw it on for one of the sessions.
  7. daddysmut

    DRZ on Jennings - Helmet cam

    this is hemet cam footage of jennings. the 1st couple laps i'm following some friends of mine and it was their 1st time on the track. it doesn't get good until around 4:10 that's when the chase starts. watch how much distance i gain on them in less than a lap at the end, my friends foot falls off his peg and he almost eats shit. good thing he doesn't since he's on my other bike btw, this is the 1st vid i've made. for those that have used hemet cams before, i hope you can appreciate the footage
  8. daddysmut

    FCRMX Pilot Jetting Assistance

    great!!! i can't find my stock fuel screw i did however, rejet the pilot jet to a 38 and changed to a MSR fuel screw instead. the fuel screw seems to have a much better influence on the bike when turned now. the initial test ride seems great... the bike stalled a couple of times after throttle blip so i turned out the fuel screw 1/4 turn and remedied that. seems to be running much better now.....i got my fingers crossed
  9. daddysmut

    Low profile turn signal control

    get Zeta levers!!!
  10. daddysmut

    Burned Blew It !

    ^^ well said it's already been proven that "we" all trust Eddie and his mechanical expertise. on a daily, sometime hourly, basis he is dishing out advice for tuning all of which is dead on. btw, i haven't read the article but can only base my opinion on what i have experienced and witnessed here on the TT board.
  11. daddysmut

    quick turn throttle for DRZ (not R6?)

    i couldn't find one.....that's why i ended up with the R6 one. if you are running the FCR MX carb, i've heard that they function great without the return cable. with that in thought, you can run any of the ones that fit your pit bike provided you find the right cable.
  12. daddysmut

    Official wheelie and stoppie thread?

    HERE'S A LITTLE TASTE OF 1ST COMPLETED SEGMENT OF THE UPCOMING DVD. see if you can spot the DRZ's 10 sec mark :thumbup: http://www.stuntfreaks.com/vids/killin_the_streets2_promo1.wmv
  13. daddysmut

    RM-Z 450 Enduro

    if that makes it to the U.S. i'm gonna be trading in the DRZ
  14. daddysmut

    glowing header????

    cool, thanks again Eddie
  15. daddysmut

    glowing header????

    it's 9pm here and hot as balls. i'm doing some jetting experimenting and i'm working outside in the dark with a head lamp so i can have some ventilation. i've got the bike running and i'm messing with the fuel mixture screw when i notice the header glowing red. i know they get extremely hot but is that normal?