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    Crankcase vent hose

    I have mine routed in the same place and I hate it. When it does spit oil it hits the back rim and chain. This in turn throws the oil all over the place. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if it was a little longerto bring it down through the hole with the other tubes.
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    Okay people, I think I got myself in deep. My 04 kx250f was puking oil out of the breather tube and not just a little. It was covering the bike when I would ride. The bike was a little hard to start but after gettin it warmed up it ran fine. I made sure I had the right amount of oil in it and when it shot too much out I added back up to recommended level. This happened on my last trip. So, when I got back my buddy asked around on here about what I should do. Everyone said have the top end rebuilt. I bought the necessary parts and started the job. Everything has gone fairly easy and the bike is torn down to the piston head is exposed and I can change it out. I went down to get some other things I needed at the store and a guy was listening to my conversation with the guy behind the counter. He said that redoing the top end probably would not solve the problem. And that it wouldn't hurt but that the oil puking sounded like something else. I don't doubt that he is wrong but I would like to know what else to do while I have it all torn down. I don't want to put it all back together and have the same problem. Have any suggestions or tips on what I should do? Even if it is just a tip on redoing the top end. Please help and thanks!