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  1. r1racing

    how does my homemade frame cradle look

    We NEED that pics and hows to!!! Thanks!
  2. r1racing

    my new play bike( almost) ready!!

    those are from budracing... I dont know if you can get in USA.. of course the people from spain will be very happy to send you anything you want..
  3. r1racing

    my new play bike( almost) ready!!

    the rear shock is "custom".. the chief of budracing made it with the rests of 3 he has on the shop....top from ktm 65, bottom from one from budracing , the holeshot of an ktm 65.... things like that.... But it works GREAT!!! But... the best mod to the suspension was the custom valves(it says like that??) to the forks... now you can change compresion in 5 minutes...Only open the forks, put apart the springs and make some cliks on it...I will ask if he has pics... VERY, VERY, VERY clever guy...
  4. r1racing

    my new play bike( almost) ready!!

    last thing made before the race was the seat... we cut the seat from a crf 450 .. the BEST mod ... with the bars , now the bike has the "body fit" ( I dont know how to tell that) of a bigger bike... Now you can drive it like a motocross full size bike!! I will post pics later...
  5. r1racing

    my new play bike( almost) ready!!

    the pegs are from a yz125, only a little grinding is needed... you will need the spring too, the honda is very soft.. the tag bar , yes , is like the fat bar, you will need some kind of adapters...
  6. r1racing

    my new play bike( almost) ready!!

    socalxr.. the pics are ok now?????
  7. r1racing

    my new play bike( almost) ready!!

    on first race we endend 15...on second( when I falled) ended 22.. on this races there are a lot of racers...It usually races there: aleix espargaro( team pramac ducati motogp) , his brother pol ( 125 motogp) , lucas oliver( sete gibernau cousin, and a motogp former racer ) , xavi rodriguez( supermoto spanish champion , numer 23 on this video ) , j.garcia vico( motocross spanish champion ..) , randy mamola´s son....and a lot more...there are always 42 teams of 2 racers...
  8. My new play bike.... I found this bike on internet for around 650 $ with around 6 hours, so I got it fast!! This is the list of mods: TB 132 cc kit Leo-Vince exhaust Fast throttle Tag bar YZ 125 pegs Custom made shock Forks rebuild Custom stickers Ligthened flywheel I have made with my friend of bud-racing( spain)… I think Its very nice and clean!! Now I am lookin for an good cam, and maybe a new cdi…. I am posting too a video of the first race this Saturday… Its called “Honda tt series”.. Everybody runs an crf 100 .. You can bring yours , or can rent the bike there.. Its a race for 2 racers, with 2 40 minutes races on the same day..
  9. r1racing

    will xr200 carb fit xr100?

    hey socal.. where can I fin one???? I heard there is different xr200 carbs.. wich one is the ok?
  10. r1racing

    crf 100 hubs???

    Hi!!! I will like to know what hubs will fit my .06 crf 100 .. I am thinking of making it SM , so I need a pair of hubs.. Of course the original will fit, but... someone has something cheaper???? A friend of mine is the owner of bud racing, so I will get the rims very cheap and need only the hubs.... Someone has something for me?? I am in Spain , by the way... thanks!!!!
  11. r1racing

    TB132 big bore kit

    Hi!! Where can I buy one??? What is a XR200???? older honda model????
  12. r1racing

    TB132 big bore kit

    Hi!!! 1st – sorry for my pooor english.. 2nd- I think I´m gona buy a 132 kit , because It has very good price and they send me o Spain.. I have an .06 crf 100 whit an Leo vince exhaust ( sounds goood and its cheap..) I have heard it has no top end power.. Could It be due to the hig compression??? Maybe an thicker gasket can fix it??? I am thinking too on the carburator….. Do I need one??? Which one??? What more things Do I need to **k my friends on this races???? http://videos.publimetro.com.mx/video/iLyROoafJRwe.html
  13. r1racing

    flywheel mod..how to

    hummmm I hope that when I see the flywheel I will understand this..... Thanks!
  14. r1racing

    flywheel mod..how to

    thanks!!!! those pics are from the LE version??? Its the same???? thanks again!!
  15. r1racing

    flywheel mod..how to

    hi!!!! I own an TTR 125 06 LE... I want to make the flywheel mod, but I am from Spain, so I can not send it to bbr or something like that... I have a friend who owns an machinery shop and will make it for free, so I can let him to make the mod... But I must tell him exactly what to do... Someone can tell me some measurements????? Thanks!!!!