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  1. MX58

    Never run namura pistons

    I will admit it was easy to point the finger at them but I still won't be putting one in there. Ill stick with wiseco.
  2. MX58

    Never run namura pistons

    Def was the wrist pin bearing. cylinder was toast. sent to millennium for nickasil.
  3. MX58

    Never run namura pistons

    ya super bummed about it. now just gotta find a place to repair or replace the cylinder/head.
  4. Bought this bike not to long ago and the previous owner had installed a fresh top end with a namura piston. I had never heard of them before and for a reason. This was the aftermath of about 5 rides.
  5. forgot to add this but i know they are not stock if thats what anyone was thinking. Def. after market. I know this for a fact. thanks!
  6. Trying to find out what brand springs these are if anyone knows. I dont know how to tell there is no brand name on them. The rear spring is painted grey not sure if that helsp or tells ya anything. they came out of my 09 kx450. thanks for looking/helping!
  7. I facebooked kyle and well and asked but no response. Im not trying to find this out and use his name and sell it. Im keeping the thing if so.
  8. ya i do..the ama number is on the frame and the exhaust is marked 644
  9. Kind of a weird question i guess. But what I am trying to find out is if it is possible to get the ama number that a rider was using on there bike from 2010 at a certain race. I have strong feeling that I might have the bike that landed on james stewart in 2010 at phoniex supercross. Im bout 90% sure I have the plastics and graphics and the exhaust. Any help would be awesome.
  10. MX58

    09 kx450f fuel pump

    Anyone know where to get a good deal on new fuel pumps for 09 kx450f. cheapest i could find was 300. thanks!
  11. when bike is revd up getting quite a bit of black smoke from exhaust. whats causing this?
  12. new mexican- so you saying my fuel pump shot???
  13. so few weeks ago i ran my 09 kx450f out of gas on accident. New to the fuel injected bikes kinda just forgot bout it until i went to ride the next week. Bike starts fine but once i turn the choke off seems to be starving for fuel. Wont idle on its own. My first guess is fuel pump but i usually thought if they go out they just stop working all together. Like i said new to the fuel injection any ideas or help is much appreciated.