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  1. What should I "look-out" for on the MSO??
  2. Thanks for your help the other day Mark. I'm on the fence... I've got a dealer who will ship a in-the-crate '05 SM450 for $5,700, but I would have to take my chances with the DMV...or I can be patient (which is hard for me) and wait for the new '06s to come out. Downside there is that my out the door would be approximately $8,000.... Getting the thing licensed seems to be the $2,300 question. Thoughts?....
  3. Speaking of the new 2006 models... I can't find anything pictures/literature/etc. on the new SM450r. Both the Italy and US Husky's sites only have info on the Te and the SM610. Anybody out there find an info on the '06 SM450?
  4. These guys are offering a pretty smoking deal on a '05 though....$5,700 out the door. Makes it very tempting, provided I can get the thing licensed...
  5. I'm a CA rider and I'm looking to buy a new 2005 SM450r from a dealer in MN. Because there are not the same emissions standards in MN as there are in CA, the dealer can't tell me whether or not this bike will be registered as a green or red sticker bike. Also, I'm buying this bike with the intentions of making it street legal here in CA. I'd like to get some feedback from riders in CA who have gone through that process seeing. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking to buy a '05 Husky SM405r from a dealer in the midwest. Because his state does not have any of the emissions standards like CA does, he doesn't know whether the bike will get a green sticker or a red one. Also, I'm buying this particular bike because its ready to supermoto, but I want to use it on the street here in CA. I need some feedback as to how to go about getting dialed in and licensed for street use. Thanks!