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  1. AEmedic

    XR650R TM40 kit?

    I am looking to replace the stock carb on my 07 650R. I am leaning towards the XRs Only kit. Is there a consensus on the best kit to purchase? Other vendors, higher quality, more complete? I want to make the most educated choice. Thanks in advance!
  2. AEmedic

    North Alabama riders?

    I am also looking for some casual riders for some trail riding. I live in Madison and have a nearly unused XR650R and TRX250EX and just need to find a place to ride them.
  3. I don't have good riding boots, so I use my worn out military combat boots since I can't wear them in uniform anymore... I want to replace my beaten Belleville Combat Boots with a new pair of TCX Pro 2.1s.
  4. AEmedic

    Alabama Where to ride near Huntsville?

    I am in the military and have yet to find a place to ride near Huntsville, AL. My wife is a novice ATV rider and I am fair to decent on two wheels. Where is there to ride around here?
  5. I'd love to have one of the new ones but there is no way I'm dropping $18k...
  6. I ride an 04 V-Max, when the weather allows...
  7. AEmedic

    XR650R - Fuel on the floor

    Thanks for the replies, it looks like I'm in the market for the fuel petcock. Does anyone know of a better than stock unit that will fit the stock tank?
  8. I have been storing the BRP in my Toy Hauler for the last few months. Yesterday I went out there to take a quick look at everything and found a puddle of fuel under the bike. I haven't had time to check anything yet but I'd like some advice on where to start. What I know: Fuel pet-cock was off It's an 07 with VERY low riding time Nearly no miles since it was uncorked It seems like quite a bit of fuel...might be just the float bowl volume, but... What do you guys think? Stuck float & fuel pet-cock leaking?
  9. AEmedic

    Billy Who Man Funnel

    My guess is that they went out of business, the PayPal claim was the only way I got a response out of them!
  10. AEmedic

    Moped Vs Crotch Rocket

    I never rode a moped, but I have ridden a few scooters. When I was a kid, I loved my scooters! I had a Honda Aero 50 and an Elite 80. They both got about 80 MPG so if you really want to get great MPG a scooter is the way to go! You are going to be limited in MPH though, the 80cc would go 45 and the 50cc about 35. They both felt very stable and safe, if you consider speed limited safe... Of course you can get a bigger scooter but the MPG goes down. If I lived in a college town or had a limited commute I would ride a scooter again for the great MPG! They are limited in cool factor though....
  11. AEmedic

    mixture screw has no slot

    I just found out the other day that I have the same issue. The screw is very soft so I am going to cut a slot in it. You can always go buy the special "D" tool from Honda...
  12. AEmedic

    honda nx 650

    Aren't the NXs only elec. start? IIRC they don't even have the kick starter...
  13. Once I figured out how to adjust the the pilot screw it seemed to run fine... Maybe there was something caught in there that moved out of the way. I was about to tear it down again, glad it didn't come to that! It runs like a raped ape now!
  14. Thanks for the responses. I finally found a reference to the 2007s. It seems they decided to put a pilot screw that is non-standard on them. There is no slot, and there is no cap, it has a "D" shaped head that requires a special tool. However, the head is mostly solid and since it is a soft metal it is easily modified to have a slot. So, that is what I will do since it seems that I can remove it with a small screwdriver wedged against the flat side of the "D" if I am careful...
  15. Is there a special tool for the pilot screw, there is no slot for a screwdriver?