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  1. Yamy_Boy

    Aftermarket Sub Frame

    Does anyone know where you can get an aftermarket sub frame for an 04 yz 250f. Or where i can get one from cheap? Thanks in advance
  2. Yamy_Boy

    Wanting GF to try riding

    I took it for a boot one day and found i could run up to 3rd i think without touching the gas but we did turn the idle up a bit so it wouldn't stall as easily on my sister. Ill try her out first just to be sure that it will work properly.
  3. Yamy_Boy

    New graphics kit

    Hey everyone. Im new to the forum I thought id say hi post a pic of my YZ250F for all of you. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=12/33518020518.jpg&s=x12
  4. Yamy_Boy

    Wanting GF to try riding

    Wow I cant believe the quick response from everyone. Thanks alot. I will tell her about walking beside the bike will using the clutch slowly. And Alaskan I think your ideas of encouragement will really help her out. After all the main reason i want her out is so we can enjoy the outdoors together, and eventually trail riding. I want her to ride the other bike so it actually gets used as well. Lazy sister. Thanks for your help and i will let you know how she does.
  5. Yamy_Boy

    Wanting GF to try riding

    SHe will be on a TTR125L. I like the idea of not using the throttle to start cause that bike is a tractor and will idle all day long with no throttle input. My plan was to give her an over view of how it works then let her do her thing until she asks me for help so that it doesnt seem like im barking. I've gotta have a game plan so minimalize frustration
  6. Yamy_Boy

    Wanting GF to try riding

    My truck is the only standard for her to drive and its a 84 toyota sitting on 35's, which she can barely even get into. It's not exactly forgiving. Especially with the turbo lag.
  7. Yamy_Boy

    Wanting GF to try riding

    Hi all. I'm trying to get my gf excited about riding. The problem is she's freaked out about the whole clutch and shifting. I know she would have no problem getting it and she would love because she loves the outdoors. Whats a way of making her less scared of the clutch. Because me saying it's easy doesn't mean anything. Any help would be appreciated because i would love to have her out with me. Thanks in advance