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  1. Bill...u r awesome. Thank you! Idaho is one of the few states that still loves its people and i knew it wouldn't take much to get there. Thank you again and god bless Idaho!!! : )
  2. Hey guys/gals...was curious if these kits are available or do I need to build one? I live in Idaho and really wanted to get my bike out on the street to ride to the next trail. Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for the help, but I can't get my bike to idle to check the fuel screw. So then what? Thanks for your help, Travis
  4. I'm not sure where it is set at. I think it's at factory settings...I think. The bike is at another house where I'll work on this weekend. Do you have any idea where it should be set at? Thanks for your time, Travis
  5. Thanks Eddie for all of your help:worthy: . I took apart the carb again and used carb cleaner and an air compressor to clean the jets out. I could see through them so I put everything back together and fired it up. I started great and ran great until I killed the choke. Then the bike died. I played with the idle screw, but the bike will not idle. I don't know what else to do. Any more suggestions? Thanks, Travis
  6. How do I clean the pilot jet? I sprayed carb cleaner into it and all over, but I guess that wasn't enough. What else do I need to do? How do I prevent this from happening in the future. I drain my carb before I store it, so what else is there to do? Thanks for your help!!
  7. Ok, I followed the visual guide on how to rejet my wife's ttr125 and that worked great! So last fall the bike ran great. Then I put the bike away, after turning the gas off and running it out of gas, for the winter. When spring came the bike will not idle for crap again.I dumped the old gas filled with new and still nothing. I asked for help and was told to clean the jets. I just did that and still the same problem. What do I need to do now? How do I keep this from happening in the future?
  8. Any ideas? I don't want to have to take apart the carb every year. How can I prevent the jets plugging after I run the bike out of gas and it sits for a while? Thanks!
  9. That's what I did do. I ran the bike until it ran out of gas so this kind of thing would not happened, but it still did. So what else can I do ? With my CRF450R running it out of gas has always worked. Any ideas why this bike is different. Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much for your help! Just two more questions. How can I prevent this from happening in the future? And how do I clean the jets? Thanks again! Travis
  11. I'll give them both a look. Thank you!! Why would the pilot jet get plugged just sitting? Fuel going bad? I ran the bike with the fuel off until it died so the carb wouldn't have much fuel sitting in it. Was that not enough?
  12. I rejeted my wife's 03 ttr to the recommended sizes from this website and the bike ran great. I put the bike away during winter and now the bike won't idle again. I emptied out the old gas and the carb but that did not help. Anyone have any ideas as to why it ran so great before and now it's back to idling like crap? I rode the bike for 15 minutes thinking that might do something, but it still kept dying. Thanks! Travis
  13. Thank you! I appreciate it!!!
  14. I thought they closed that area due to "coal in the sand" or some BS like that.
  15. Shady that's it! What is it and why is it draining so much oil? Thanks for everyone's help!! Greatly appreciated!