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    1992 Toyota 4runner

    hey im the proud owner of a 1994 4 runner with the 3.slow litre 194,000 miles. the sag from the rear is ALL 4Runners, its just happens over time that the rear COILS loose their tension over time and start to sag. if you want to correct this you can get some "daystar" coil spacers for the rear bout 80 bucks, or replace the springs (probably about 300). as for the shocks, replacing them will help with the ride, but not with the sag. other things....poor gas mileage no matter what, dont expect anything over 17 hwy. i love my 4runner, hasn't let me down. they're great cars and require little maintenance good luck
  2. kstate18

    honda aquatrax hop ups

    I have an '02 f-12x. there are several mods out right now through members of pwctoday.com. First nitroshark has a nitro stage 1,2, and soon to be 3 that include things from a new ecm to a big turbo and intercooler. Also macsboost has an ecm upgrade that will allow you to spin a few more revs and pick up a little top end. there are sponsons available from several manafactures, as well as impellers and grates. Like i said check out the honda forum and you will find all sorts of information. listen to nitro, hes a genius when it comes to motors and engineering and he has fabbed all of his products HIMSELF. pm me if you need more info on your aquatrax