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  1. Yamaha Junkie

    TTR50 Hard to start. Floods easy.

    Sounds like its running rich
  2. Yamaha Junkie

    Selling Question

    Whats a good price to sell a 2001 TTR225 with FMF powercore 4 pipe and jetting for? Whens the best time to sell?
  3. Yamaha Junkie

    ttr225 cold starting problems

    122.5MJ? i thought stock was 130 or did u change it?
  4. Yamaha Junkie

    ttr225 cold starting problems

    I have heard that a 42.5 pilot jet will help with warming up even on an stock...
  5. Yamaha Junkie

    TTR 225 vs. WR250?

    From what i have seen lookin at used Wr250 they arnt all that pricey( for what your getting) lookin at used 01 WR and its about 3000 (would it be bad to buy an older model thats been well maintained, have they made all that many changes in the years?) witch i dont think of as that bad because I bought a 01 TTR225 for 2000 and for what u get the extra 1000 not all that much.......
  6. Yamaha Junkie

    Siting High...

    Is there any place that give pics and stuff showin that or is it just really easy to do? what weight of oil?
  7. Yamaha Junkie

    TTR 225 vs. WR250?

    Ya i currently have a TTR225 with mods and shwiz and my next bike is going to be a WR250F.. after i flip some burgers this summer! If i were u id get the WR250F youll outgrown the 225...
  8. Yamaha Junkie

    Siting High...

    Is there anyway at all that you can make the TTR225 sit higher?? Im 155lbs and about 5 11' and I want to make this bike work until i ge tmy next bike (wr250F)... Thnx Much
  9. Yamaha Junkie

    XT 225 Kickstarter kit?

    THat kickstart only fits the 99 TTR225?
  10. Yamaha Junkie

    Emabrrasing vid

    Lol isnt it funny how that always seems to happen when your on tape or people are watching happens to me all the time...
  11. Yamaha Junkie

    WR250F or 450F

    Thnx for the info ttr225ttr that helps the WR250F isnt shown on that graph but isnt it basically the same power as the Yz125 or the YZ250F...? Thnx MUCH!
  12. Yamaha Junkie

    WR250F or 450F

    Yeah i think i could handle it (ive rode my brother CR500 hella fast.. didnt exactly rip it tho) but the 250F seems like it would be perfect (since im just doin trails and climbs.. and small jumps) i just wish i could find a site that shows HP so i could show the major diff to my parents GRRR.....
  13. Yamaha Junkie

    WR250F or 450F

    Where can i find HP figures??? ive checked www.4strokes.com and yami.com but is all show in CC's .. I like the Yami site in how you can compare the WR250F to anyother bike but.... they dont show the TTR-225 , but they do show the TTR230 and they are very similar in that they have the same engine but the 230 has some more height and jazz. thnx for all the coments im goin to shop tomarrow to get some jets and ill check the bikes out it will be a while b4 i get it will probally be next summer once i get some money flippin burgers.
  14. Yamaha Junkie

    WR250F or 450F

    Ya i really like the idea of the WR250F i think it would be perfect.... but the problem is my parents they dont understand how much better of a bike it is then the TTR225 and they dont thing that i should spend my money on somehtin that i will outgrow again(because they think it only like 25 more cc's and they think that will affect it much) i try to tell them it gear'd diff and stuff but they dont understand( at least my mom doesent)... what are some good parent buying tips?
  15. Yamaha Junkie

    WR250F or 450F

    Ya the weight would be nice in the 250F vs 450F... it would acctually be lighter then my 01 ttr225 (the250F) witch would be awsome because the 225 is a b!t@h to pick up on hill climbs when u dump it and have to pick it up pushing it up hill and it super muddy!!!