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    boating riding street and dirt camping fixing up old nissan 510s and 240zs
  1. mark 510

    Do you think the CRF450R could do it? Honestly!

    it'd be nice if they still had team green to compete with i thank the kx500 is still the overall weapon fo choice for the dez. 04crf450r, 97 kx500, 75 elsinore 250, 69 yamaha yr2c 350, 71 bultaco250
  2. mark 510

    04crf450 waterpump help

    i've got some seepage at my waterpump weephole and removed the cover to access the impellor shaft and was wondering a good way to hold the motor to remove the impellor for seal access. is this a common failure and are there any improved parts that i should use? thanks for any input. Mark