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  1. Bike Man

    Big Gun Exhaust for TT-R 230

    I was just wondering if anyone had put a big gun exhaust on their TT-R 230 If anyone has please tell me what you think about it.
  2. Bike Man

    What a Pig

    You CAn loook at the TTR 125 jetting and air box a visual guid at the top of the forums page
  3. Bike Man

    ttr230 clutch lever

    If you want to put a stock lever on it you can go to yamaha OEM parts. That will tell you if the make it, Sell it, if it is backordered, and haow to put it on to specifications.
  4. Bike Man

    How do you put Yz 250 forks on 230

    Has anyone put Yz 250 Front forkes on a TT-R 230? Is it possible? If so How do I do it?
  5. Bike Man

    weekend soon, bike not running

    It could be that it has dirt in the carb. My old yammie used to do that untill I cleaned the carb out.
  6. Bike Man


    Ive currently had no tranny problems. The only problem I see is someone has their foot under the shift lever, hits a bump and puts it into neutral. The only problem i had was rider induced. I never tightened the spokes at all (because I was a newbee, and didn,t know) and a couple of spokes broke. It was an easy fix as I just got a new spoke kit, And after the first tighten, not one spokw has come loose. It is a great trail bike that will take a lot of punishment. I have a nack for falling at high speeds too and the only thing that happend was the grips got ripped up a bit. I have never had a bike that woked so good and that has never let me down in the backcountry. This bike is great for anyone who doesn't have enough for a Yz or a YzF.
  7. Bike Man

    Suspension for 230. Front & back

    As for aftermarket shocks, I was hoping that metal mulisha or some other brand made them, but it looks doughtfull
  8. Bike Man

    Suspension for 230. Front & back

    I've looked for excel rims and spokes. It seems they have them only for 225 and 250. It does seem like they have odd sizes too though. But I'll have to look in my manuel to see the size.
  9. Bike Man

    Suspension for 230. Front & back

    I am custumizing my TT-R 230 this winter and I would like to know who makes aftermarket suspension for the front and back. I would also like to know who makes aftermarket rims spokes and hubs for botth front and back.
  10. Bike Man

    tt-r 230 good for me?

    I say get the 230. I am 5 11" and 190 and it is easy to use. The 250 could be too tall. Even with my 230 I sometimes have trouble touching the ground. That could be a real problem on a hill.
  11. Bike Man

    How Do I Put Disc Brakes on me 230

    Its An 05
  12. would any of this work for a TT-R 230
  13. Bike Man

    How Do I Put Disc Brakes on me 230

    If anyone knows how, How do I put a rear disc brake ao my TT-R 230?
  14. Bike Man


    I think its all about what your going to do with your bike. If your a trail rider get a TT-R 230 or a TT-R 250 If you want to get into MX riding get a YZ of some sort. I mean why get a YZ if you dont track ride? And dont get a TT-R if your not going to trail ride.
  15. Bike Man

    TT-R250 too much for total newb?

    I recomend getting an 05 230. I bought one and have had only rider induced problems. And in Motocross action magazing they say they are practically indestructable. Other than the extra 22 pounds from the electic starter (which I enloy better than kickstarting) Its a good buy