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    92 DR350s Dies with gas and won't start hot

    WOW, you are very generous in your help. I have printed your posting and will take it home this evening to test as you have described. Thanks a lot. By the way - there were no extra parts
  2. DyingDR

    92 DR350s Dies with gas and won't start hot

    I cleaned the carb and airfilter really well. All holes are clean and clear. I put it back in last night, with a new spark plug. It kicked over after about 10 kicks and ran like a champ. When I hit the gas it would rev up nicely. But after about 3 or 4 minutes of running is started to idle really rough. I tried to save it by adjusting the idle but it eventually died and I couldn't get it started again. After it cooled back down it started right up again and then had the same problem. Are you saying that no gas should come out of the carbuerator drain screw? Or should some come out and then it will stop after a few minutes? I didn't replace the o-ring at the float needle seat because it looked fine. Is there a certain amount that you unscrew the drain screw to be in the "PRIME" position? Thanks for the help.
  3. DyingDR

    92 DR350s Dies with gas and won't start hot

    Thanks for the response. I pulled the carb and air-filter this weekend. Both looked really clean to my novice eye, but I gave them a good cleaning anyway. I will put it back together tomorrow night and see what happens.
  4. I have a '92 DR 350s. It will start after months of sitting with just 2 or 3 kicks using the compression release an NO throttle. It idles fine, but if I punch the gas it dies. And once it is hot, I cannot get it to start again, no matter how many times I kick it. If I let it cool down, it will start right up again. Problem 1) it dies when I punch the gas. Problem 2) it won't start when hot. Thanks for any advice on how to fix the problems.