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  1. ksithumper

    Electrical problems with classic XL350

    First, get a manual or wiring diagram. Second, google the xlboard forum and ask the folks on there for guidance.
  2. ksithumper

    Husaberg FC600 too much HP for MX?

    Does it have too much power? No (unless you think a modern 450 has too much power). It is rather slower revving than a modern bike, makes it less aggressive. 600s can be pigs to start, odd because the 501s are a doddle. As the earlier post says, they vibrate a bit. I raced a 600 in the mid 1990s and it was the best 4 stroke out there.That was 15 years ago though and the competition was ATK's, LC4 KTMs and 610 Huskys. All big heavy bikes. Against modern bikes and jump-filled tracks you will struggle - but if it is a fun ride, rather than wins, you want then who cares? You will have a ball and sure to get plenty of paddock admiration. (Get a KTM 525 for the wins). Best money you can spend is with a good suspension shop. Enjoy!!
  3. ksithumper

    ATK 605 clutch repair

    crank pulley needs a screw puller - don't try without, if you damage it, it costs way morethan the correct tool!. Keith at American Dirt Bike has all you need. Don't even run it without a new oil filter and timing belt. Then it wil last 1000 years!
  4. ksithumper

    ajs 410 stormer parts

    Believe it or not, AJS motorcycles in the UK still have all the parts to build you a new one, 250, 370 or 410cc! go to www.ajsmotorcycles.co.uk and click on the 'pre-74 tab
  5. ksithumper

    2008 TM pics

    Manuel Priem rode the new alloy framed 450 inthe Irish MX1 GP today. He was flying, I think top 5 at one stage.
  6. ksithumper

    White Power 4054

    Has anyone located an online copy of the service manual for the early ('88-'91 ish) WP4054 upside down forks? Thanks
  7. ksithumper

    anyone ridden a Beta?

    Haven't ridden one but they have got very good reviews in magazine tests in the UK - basically KTM engines but better balanced suspension, more stable and brakes that work.