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  1. First, get a manual or wiring diagram. Second, google the xlboard forum and ask the folks on there for guidance.
  2. Does it have too much power? No (unless you think a modern 450 has too much power). It is rather slower revving than a modern bike, makes it less aggressive. 600s can be pigs to start, odd because the 501s are a doddle. As the earlier post says, they vibrate a bit. I raced a 600 in the mid 1990s and it was the best 4 stroke out there.That was 15 years ago though and the competition was ATK's, LC4 KTMs and 610 Huskys. All big heavy bikes. Against modern bikes and jump-filled tracks you will struggle - but if it is a fun ride, rather than wins, you want then who cares? You will have a ball and sure to get plenty of paddock admiration. (Get a KTM 525 for the wins). Best money you can spend is with a good suspension shop. Enjoy!!
  3. crank pulley needs a screw puller - don't try without, if you damage it, it costs way morethan the correct tool!. Keith at American Dirt Bike has all you need. Don't even run it without a new oil filter and timing belt. Then it wil last 1000 years!
  4. Believe it or not, AJS motorcycles in the UK still have all the parts to build you a new one, 250, 370 or 410cc! go to www.ajsmotorcycles.co.uk and click on the 'pre-74 tab
  5. Manuel Priem rode the new alloy framed 450 inthe Irish MX1 GP today. He was flying, I think top 5 at one stage.
  6. Has anyone located an online copy of the service manual for the early ('88-'91 ish) WP4054 upside down forks? Thanks
  7. Haven't ridden one but they have got very good reviews in magazine tests in the UK - basically KTM engines but better balanced suspension, more stable and brakes that work.