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  1. thormx33

    need some suspension help

    lol i kno im not fast enough to make it bottom just because of that it was just all the bigger jumps i would bottom weather i hit it perfect or not anyways this is what racetech told me... Recommended Rear Shock Spring Rate: 5.12 kg/mm (use closest available) Stock Shock Spring Rate: 5.4 kg/mm (stock) closest they have is a 5.0 or the 5.2 and i almost thing i would go with the .2 or the stock one since i mainly rice mx and not on trails and just back the compression out for the trails and turn it back in when i hit the track.....sound about right? thanks for the info man ill definitely change the oil...maybe lighter weight oil too or same weight and just lower it?
  2. thormx33

    need some suspension help

    i know how you feel about the repeating yourself but just in a different way/different sport. I know with stock suspension isnt gonna be perfect for me ever unless i gain some madd weight, but i think i can make it work good for me....i rarely race but ride alot....and ride motocross alot and today when i went riding i was actually bottoming alot....of course the suspension would work great with new springs(whether they are lighter or heavier than stock) and a revalve(my rmz450 i got the suspension done on), but i was asking suggestions for what i could do to the stock suspension as it sits now to make it a little better....not asking what i need to get done to make it work as good as it can. thanks for the advice on what to do with stock though...what about the shock high speed and low speed compression....all the way or close to all the way out also? yeah i kno more than you guys because i clearly said that huh? no i said i know nothing about suspension which is actually a lie...i know the basics on how it works but not how the clickers change how the suspension works and how rebound and compression work with and effect each other. and dude how about you grow up and stop f*cking posting if you have no advice to give on the problem...."how do i make my stock suspension better" and all you wanna do is flame......that most of the reason why i stopped posting here is because of people like you gotta try and start shit...so ill be the big man here with a pair of balls and ask nicely...please only reply if you have some sort of input on messing with stock suspension...if you dont then go flame somewhere else
  3. thormx33

    need some suspension help

    thanks man...ill probably go this route and see what it does:thumbsup:
  4. thormx33

    need some suspension help

    thank you guy for some input i can do on to my stock suspension to make it work better...appreciate it:thumbsup: no one said he didnt kno what he was talking about....i just said im sure i can make stock suspension work...its works good now just gets a little harsh in some roots and rocks and wanted some suggestion on what to do with stock....and also didnt want any noobs to come on here and flame me for saying i can make my shit work....if i think i can make it work than let me and stop posting dumb posts like that, that wastes both your and my time. yes i did say i dont know anything about suspension, and that is a correct statement but that doesnt mean anything he's told me i doubt and i know he didnt just "post it for shits and giggles" kinda like you must be tryin to do with your post...i know what level of rider i am and dont try to say im a better rider than i am or worse than i am...i give it straight forward no sugar coating here. and i know stock suspension is 99% of the time good enough to make work for people...read half the suspension posts in the bike specific forums when people ask what the best suspension is for them yeah i go to college....and yeah i make enough money to make payments on the bike....i cant make payments on f'n suspension dude get real there aint shit wrong with the picture people all the time buy new bikes then dont have money to mod them for a while....im sure you are or atleast were in that boat at one point in time. and im sorry my parents dont buy all my shit for me or pay for all my shit like they did for most of you posers and spoiled pll out there and maybe if i had a vagina like you i would trade my bike in for some weak ass trail bike with no kind of power and shitty suspension can we please get back to normal posts....i wanna kno what kind of adjustments i can do to my stock suspension to make it better in the woods....maybe someone can give some ideas like mog and mikerides33:excuseme:
  5. thormx33

    need some suspension help

    what about high speed and low speed on the shock? not really sure how those work...
  6. thormx33

    need some suspension help

    thats cool if you dont think it will work....i kno i can make it work since im actually riding it and know its not all that bad im also running some subtanks....anyone else have any ideas? i dont wanna go to soft on compression and have it rebounding too fast or slow....i just dont know how much to move one if i more the other:bonk:
  7. ok heres the life story lol I have a 08 kx450f and ride motocross so the suspension is almost perfect (just need to raise the forks in the clamps a little to help turning). on the flip side...i RACE harescrambles....roots rocks ruts stumps mud sand whoops....you all know the story im sure. So right now the suspension is good for mx but kills me on little stuff in the woods. Im a college student living on my own paying for EVERYTHING so at the moment i dont have money to send my suspension off but probably will once i get some scholarship money i will, but it wont be for a while and now heres the question hah clickers are all stock havent messed with them from the factory all i have done is set the sag (duh) so what clicker adjustments can i make to get the suspension a little better? Im 5'9" about 150-160lbs with gear on but im sure i have the speed to make the stock suspension work awesome without getting lighter springs. through the whoops of course the bike feels good and stable but the roots and rocks and stumps and all that little stuff upsets the bike and it starts to kick around....i think that should be enough info to give me some good suggestions but if you need more just post it and ill be sitting on this thread ready to reply. also i kno you are supposed to go 1 or 2 clickers in either direction but i kno NOTHING about suspension so i dont wanna go the wrong way....plus im not sure if 1 or 2 will do the trick or not...figure it would take about 4 or 5 but idk like i said:excuseme:
  8. heres my current truck... older pic of it but still awesome shot^^ newer pics..
  9. thormx33

    let me hear your opinion

    is that stuff in a normal spray paint can or what?....never hear of it plus if it isnt i dont have a spray gun lol
  10. thormx33

    let me hear your opinion

    thanks for the comment and nah i havent thought about that but since u said so i might just have to see what i can whip up in photoshop lol most likely go that route seems like it would be a good accent
  11. thormx33

    let me hear your opinion

    true that^^^^ i just dont like the green it doesnt match the green on the bike too well....in the pictures it does but not in person
  12. thormx33

    let me hear your opinion

    I had the green fender on and was looking at it and left it for a few days just looking at it...havent got to ride with the new stuff yet but i didnt like it and once i got the white on it looked 100x's better but thats just my taste the green fender was just way to much green it never transitions smoothing like i was hoping like you said you thought it would Im thinking about doin this because its almost too much white (even though i like it) but im not sure yet.. and im askin about the endcap so far 1 votes white and 3 votes leave it green?
  13. thormx33

    let me hear your opinion

    so i got new plastics/graphics and i was wondering if i should go this route and paint the end cap to my rocket exhaust....i did a quick 2 second photoshop just to get an idea on what it would look like and so u guys could check it too anyways first pic is before(how it is now) and second is after(the PS'ed one)....if i was to paint it
  14. thormx33

    06 450 prob.. solve this and I'll pay $10!

    or some worn a$$ rings