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  1. Eric824

    CRF250 Sputter

    I have a 2007 250 CRF and have the same problem. The bog was very minor when the bike was new in 2008 but a year later the bog is causing issues. I read that the carb is to big for the bike and there is not a lot we can do about it. I am working on some jetting but nothing worked yet. I am interested in hearing what others have done. Sorry I don't have a fix, other than buy a 2010...
  2. Eric824

    06 450 Spark Arrestors

    I put a Pro Moto Billet on and there is no noticible sound or performance issues. Good looked blue too, lots of positive comments.
  3. Eric824

    Looking To Buy In Wa State

    Call Pat Jaquish at Sunnyside Yamaha, he has two in stock. I got my blue one for about 7200 OTD. Great service.
  4. Eric824

    *Attention YZ400 owners!*

    Had my 99 for two years now. Paid 2500, put 03 450 cam in it for the automatic comp. release, great upgrade. Sold it tis month when my 06 450 came in for 2,000 to a friend. Was offerd more, but made a promise. Very reliable, loved it.
  5. Yamaha told everyone from the start that the release would be in November due to a complete makeover. No secret there. I purchased my 06 450 under MSRP so no over pricing, I would have paid more to get one. The wait was well Worth it, the bike is awesome and I am sure it will have the same great engine reliability us true Yamaha guys have came to expect. I ride and ride while my CRF buddies are working on the top end.
  6. Eric824

    Shoulder sereration.

    I am glad this thread was here. Yesterday I got pitched from my 06 450 and I now have a grade 4 to 5 separation. Not sure what to do now, but I have some ideas after reading all this. I also would like to find some better shoulder protection, the standard chest protector with shoulder shields does not pull it.
  7. $6500, plus tax and license for $7145 OTD. It is worth every penny, except for the front tire that washed out on me and separated my shoulder. Now it will cost me more than that for surgery. Best handling YZ ever after you get rid of that 739.
  8. I have several friends that work for Yamaha shops here in Washington. As of today the 450 has not been released in their computer. Once they are it will be two days before they arrive here. I have paid for the first one in the door so I'll let ya know how it feels when I get it. But lets face it, you already know it's going to be awesome.
  9. Eric824

    Trade a truck for a bike

    I just sold my 99 400 for $2500. A bike is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, supply and demand. Most 426's here is Washington are selling for close to 3K depending on condition of course. Get the bike, you wont regret it and you know you want it.
  10. Eric824

    99 YZ400 Carb Question

    I purchased a 400 last year and had a bog also. I got tired of trying to fix it so I had the carb completely rebuilt. The bike runs real strong and starts easy. Apparently there was some damage to some hard to find o rings deep in the carb. Also, put a 2003 450 cam in it and eliminate your compression release, its the best $160 I ever spent.
  11. I have a 2001 F-250 7.3. I get 16-17 empty hwy. I just purchased a Weekend warrior 26' toyhauler. Loaded maybe 8000lbs. On my first 400 mile trip I got about 8 mpg. I calculate the milage, not a computer. I was very upset and changed the following trying to improve my milage. cleaned air filter ( it was dirty) changed my hubs to auto (they were locked by accident) new fuel filter, tranny service, removed tailgate, purchased a superchip programmer and installed safe tow mode, had the truck checked for air leaks (none) I have taken 3 more 400 mile trips and get 8-9 mpg. I am at a loss. I will say that the superchip was the only thing that appeared to change the fuel milage a little. It also really change the way the truck runs and pulls, its a lot better. I still want better milage but I don't feel I should spend money on exhaust or airfilters just to get the milage I should already be getting.