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  1. Has anyone ever shopped there? http://www.jrgraham.com I've been looking into buying a rad valve and their price is easily the best. i'm wondering if anyone else has ordered from there and how fast was shipping and things like that?
  2. ktm350

    2002 rm250 gearing

    i've had an rm250 for a year now. when i bought it, it had a 13/49 setup. i found it to be way too low geared. i put a 14 tooth sprocket on the front. it's still not how i'd like it. it takes 3rd gear to clear some jumps i could clear in 2nd on my old kx250. im wondering if anyone has experienced this on an 02. someone told me that maybe the previous owner messed with the tranny. anyone heard of this problem? it seems like it's been geared for trails, but with a 14/49 setup, it definitely isn't.
  3. ktm350

    Question on new status of Factory Butte OHV area

    Well ive never ridden the trails, but i have ridden the main area off the highway a few times. I believe its been restricted to trails, and then a four square mile peice of land by the highway. I dont trail ride a whole lot, I mostly like to jump. If you like jumping alot, then i would say the four square miles open is worth the trip. As for the trails, i dont know.
  4. ktm350

    Bunkerhill MX

    Does anybody know if the track in Delta will be open to practice this monday(24th)? Ive never ridden the track and want to head there this monday if its open. Also, what is the price to ride? thanks
  5. ktm350

    testing pic **Slightly Graphic Pic**

    Im pretty sure it was a joke that faisst played on brian deegan.
  6. ktm350

    What is ur favorite jumping picture?

    my favorite of me. im not jumping, but close enough. me going up a cliff climb. and here are a couple that i took of friends that i liked
  7. ktm350

    Pics Of Me Riding!!!

    nice. I'd pick natural terrain over a track any day.
  8. ktm350

    Ryan Cape's 310footer

    http://ryancapes.net/html/ryan_capes_video.html vid kind of sucks
  9. ktm350

    Post your hillclimb pics/videos!

    this isnt the nastiest hill ive climbed, but its the only one i have a picture of. Also this one is pretty hard for me. ive made it a few times. im talking about the hill in the background. it doesnt look hard, but its pretty tough for me. here is a different angle of it.
  10. ktm350

    Question about new JR track.

    I saw it had two 100 foot tables and a 140 foot step-up.
  11. I use photobucket for video and picture. i think putfile.com is ok for vids
  12. ktm350

    Ramp Building

    http://www.hessianaggression.com. Free ramp plans
  13. ktm350

    LONGEST jump

    Heck yeah man, you head out there alot? We should hit it up. or you could head to nephi instead, we got some cool step-ups and other natural terrain.
  14. ktm350

    LONGEST jump

    about 100 in caineville off the crazy jump mike mason goes 200+ off in the movie on the pipe 2, if youve seen it. I have a pic, it doesnt look like im going anywhere,but youd have to see the jump its weird.It has no lip, you just pin it and go. the first one is me , the second one is mike mason launching it.
  15. ktm350

    YOUR biggest AIR!

    On some people profiles there is a little link underneath there post count, that sais my garage.