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  1. See the link below for a pic of the seat: This is the quote from the guy selling it: Does anyone know if a 1999 and 2000 WR seat is interchangeable? I need a better seat for my stock 2000 WR and would love to get this one!
  2. Just as the title asks: Will the header from a 2001 WR 426 (P/N 5JG-14611-00-00) will fit on my 2000 WR 400 (header P/N 5BE-14611-00-00)? I found one for super cheap and none of the shops have been able to tell me. They look the same but....
  3. BoardRider

    2000 Yamaha WR400F - Is This a Good Deal???

    Thanks for all the help. This is great feedback! I live in Seattle, WA, and have heard that it is very difficult to get a dirt bike registered and licensed as a street bike here in Washington... Can anyone verify this? Thanks.
  4. Look at this... Title: 2000 Yamaha WR400F (Street Legal) Price:$3800 Rare street legal bike, FMF Q pipe, Renthal bars, O-ring chain and sprockets, new rear tire, Acerbis guards, adult owned, top condition, very well maintained. This was posted in my classifieds at work. I'm just getting into dual sports so I don't know much about pricing and the bikes, but I've heard the WR is a great bike. Is this a good deal? Seems kinda high to me, but every bike in the Seattle area seems overpriced to me for some reason... Thanks
  5. BoardRider

    What do you think?

    There's a guy here at my work who is selling a 2001 DR-Z400, for $3500 OBO (see link below for pics). He's the second owner. Bought from a man and woman where this was the woman's bike. She only rode it around town. There were easy miles on it and not a scratch. Second (current) owner put knobby tires on it, Acerbis Hand Guards, Bash Guard, and rear disc guard. Everything else is original equipment. It's still super clean. He said he's just selling it b/c he doesn't ride enough. It has 3007 miles on it. What do you think? Will I need to upgrade the front suspension, which I have heard is greatly improved on the 2002? How big of a deal is this? Should I try to talk him down, factoring new forks into the price? Are 2002 forks easily fitted to the 2001? Do people on here commonly sell their 2002 forks when upgrading from stock? I'm new to this arena, as I recently sold my Yamaha R6... THANKS!