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  1. yeroc40

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Wow, lots of info to get through here, but I made it. I am turning my supermoto into an offroad bike. The shock had been revalved by the previous owner and here is what I found inside, not too far off from some of the other baselines around here, and not what I was expecting. Biggest changes to the LSC stack, less 44x.2 and 44x.15, but 2 extra 42x.2 and 3 39x.25 instead of a single 35x.15. Can someone help me understand how removing larger shims from the bottom and adding more smaller shims further up the stack affects the damping? HSC also has 2 42x.2 missing, with almost no change to the rest of the stack. Wouldn't this lessen damping? LSC 8-44 x .20 4-44 x .15 2-42 x .2 3-39 x .25 HSC 1-40 x .25 1-38 x .15 1-36 x .25 1-34 x .25 1-32 x .25 1-30 x .3 1-30 x .15 1-28 x .3 1-27 x .3 1-26 x .3 1-25 x .3 1-24 x .3 1-23 x .3 1-22 x .3 1-21 x .3 LSR 1-40 x .25 1-26 x .1 HSR1-40 x .3 1-40 x .2 1-38 x .3 1-36 x .3 1-34 x .3 1-32 x .3 1-30 x .3 1-28 x .3 1-27 x .3 1-26 x .3 Thanks for looking and if there are obvious changes I can make to make it more appropriate for hare scrambles I am listening.
  2. yeroc40

    PW50 front brake cable?

    Is it weird? By weird I mean is it supposed to move freely like any other cable, or is it some sort of one way cable with some internal spring? I picked up a used bike for my daughter and was going through it when I noticed that the front brake seemed to be sticking. Took it apart and the shoe springs seem to be working, but I couldn't move the cable. 24 hours of spraying cable lube in either end and it still won't move freely, except for very slightly in one direction and then it springs back. If I try to pull it in the other direction it doesn't budge. I've never had a cable do this before.
  3. yeroc40

    Restoring a melted 02 crf450r

    Not knowing anything about the intensity or duration of this fire, I would be concerned about what kind of temps the frame was exposed to. Especially in the headstock and triple clamp areas.
  4. yeroc40

    k&n filter oil on a twin air filter

    In my experience the K&N stuff will run out of the foam type filters. It is made for cotton gauze type. Just about any MC shop will have a foam filter oil. Or even just use some motor oil...
  5. Those are sweet, but at about $1.30 per stud, I don't think so.
  6. yeroc40


    It's Back!!!
  7. Not another switch, just the baja kit setup. I've done it to myself already. The off position takes the place of the kill switch.
  8. Eli, Sorry I missed your call last night, time change and all. Did you have the headlight switch on? It will not have spark till the light switch on left handlebar is in one of the 3 light positions. Give me a call, I have my cell at work. corey
  9. yeroc40

    RHC valves

    Call him. I also waited for email, picked up the phone and the guy will talk your ear off and help you pick the right parts for your needs.
  10. yeroc40

    2007 AMA Schedule

    I don't understand what more they could ask for during superbike weekend at RA. Shawano I can't comment on, other than it was only one week after the big weekend at RA and one week before the NASMOTO race there. Some fans have families, the most understanding of which don't appreciate 3 weekends without dad in one month. But the second RA weekend was during a CART weekend, and in the pouring rain. I'm not surprised they didn't have a huge turnout in 50 degree rain. Signed, Miffed in WI
  11. yeroc40

    Inventor types

    I've been putting together plans for this exact thing except the entire headlight assembly and tailight assembly. A couple deutch type connectors and a couple screws and I'd be ready for track or trail without risking breakage. I'll keep TT posted if I actually get around to it this winter.
  12. yeroc40

    I'm blaming all you guys when I'm in Court.

    OK, I didn't mean this individual is a jackass. But doing wheelies on public streets is illegal. Cops will deal with you as they deem appropriate. I just get tired of the people that act surprised when the get in trouble. I think it is juvenile to blame the authorities. Like it or not you make John Q. Public nervous when you're rippin wheelies down the street, and believe it or not you are not in equal control on one wheel as two. Don't even start on that one. We all make these choices, I've busted my share of wheelies too, generally on my own land or at the track. If I were to be caught on the road, yes I'd be pissed. Pissed I was so damn stupid cause I know what the consequences are, not because the cop is the bad guy.
  13. yeroc40

    I'm blaming all you guys when I'm in Court.

    Or, you could just not drive like a jackass where you can get caught. One would think as many times as these types of threads have been posted people would understand that if you get caught there is going to be a punishment. It's always the same BS story about how I'm such a great rider and the cop was a prick. That is . You screwed up and got caught, quit bitchin and blaming everyone else because you have no self-control.
  14. yeroc40

    DRZ400 Clutch replacement Prices

    makes me feel pretty good about the complete stocker I scored on ebay for $25