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  1. Garrett

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Thanks. I snatched up the last '10 leftover I could find after deciding I didn't like the look of the '11 models. The 2014's are growing on me though.
  2. Garrett

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Refreshed the 2010. After 1900+ miles and 110 hours of eastern woods it was long overdue.
  3. Garrett

    Is it really worth it? 2013 250's

    I'm 26 now and have been fortunate to make a decent living so far as a generator technician. I bought my first new bike when I was 17. A 2004 yz250f. Then a new 2007 yz250f. Followed by a new 2009 KLX140L for the girlfriend and a new 2010 KTM 250 xcw. My first house I purchased at the age of 21. Looking back I don't regret it but wish I would have maybe bought a decent used bike and spent more time riding than working. I still rode alot but it could have been more. You need to have fun ignoring reason within reason. Dirtbikes are a horrible financial decision but it's an addiction and lifestyle for me. Another lesson learned was to just have one well maintained bike in the garage. I always tried to keep two which is too much work/money. I did take a year off riding when I went through schooling and secured a job. That was pre 2008 though. Things have changed alot. Always save a little from your paycheck. When the time comes to buy a house you will be happy to have 20% down. You may never see tomorrow so don't give up riding today. But remember, you might get old. If you do, you will want something to fall back on.
  4. Garrett

    Traction on hills

    Dare I say it... Rekluse. I never thought I would really benefit from one untill I got a wild hair to throw it in the bike. No reason not to have it now. Rekluse and e start have made me lazy in my old age of 25.
  5. Garrett

    '08 300 Rebuild/Refresh - Pictorial

    I agree, it's awesome. The rear tire looks goofy though.
  6. Garrett

    2011 250 & 300 reliability?

    I made the switch from 4t's last year and love my 250xcw. I have fell in love with the simple pleasure of being in a tight spot and lighting it up with the right thumb. At 24 years old I could live without the starter but won't.
  7. Garrett

    Epic slow old man bike

    Nice. The Apple sticker makes it one of a kind.
  8. Garrett

    '08 300 Rebuild/Refresh - Pictorial

    Bike is looking awesome. I'm sorry you don't have any trustworthy dealers in your area though. My favorite local KTM dealer owner has an 09 with 2200+ miles and over 200+ hours.
  9. Garrett


    Yup. I went through a credit union. KTM wanted to give me 13.9 with a 765 credit score. Credit union gave me 4%. The bike before this one I paid cash... then bought this one four months later and was going to pay cash for it but was afraid of similiar actions. The montly payment is a forced reminder of how much of a money pit this hobby is.
  10. Garrett

    Quick Fill Options?

    I agree, that wouldn't cut it for me at all. I prefer to have my girlfriend pour fuel while my wife cooks dinner back at the house.
  11. Garrett

    Have you ever seen one of these?

    If I was wealthy, I'd buy it to race in harescrambles. That way I would get alot of attention and increase the value for the other 132 owners out there.
  12. Garrett

    Amsoil Dominator?

    Just bought my first ktm last weekend (250 xcw) and my local shop recommended it. The owner has 220 hours on his 250 with no issues. Another local rider had over 300 hours when he rebuilt and everything still looked good.
  13. I just switched from Amsoil synthetic to Rotella heavy duty conventional as many have stated they swear by rotella. When getting on the gas the engine rpm's pick up considerably with a delay before power it transfered to any foward momentum. Under low speed high load slippage is heavy. Was this a mistake going from synthetic to conventional? The Rotella is not energy conserving which is what I have always been told to stay away from. Sorry to start a new oil thread... if only they didn't discontinue Mobil 1 redcap.
  14. I have filter skins and a new Twin Air. Does the UNI offer more proven protection or is it preference? Someone also mentioned rubbing a thin layer of grease around subframe rails. Any other tips? My new bike only has 3 hours on the motor and I don't want to suck sand.