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  1. wolfgang123

    Modding Slide to a #8

    If there was somekind of guide i could follow I would be all over this. I would mess something up trying to free hand this
  2. why does this look like theres a ton of rake on this bike? or is it just the picture ?
  3. wolfgang123

    4T engine oil in 2t gearbox

    I run 4 parts rotella t6, 2 parts type F ATF, and 1 part lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer. After trying moto specific stuff, 100% rotella, and 100% ATF I found my bike liked the bike above the most. I buy jugs of everything I need and put 800ml of the mixture into old (but clean) motor oil Quart bottles from when i do my truck oil changes. That way every two rides I have everything ready to go.
  4. Check the oil drain plug!!! these are easily over torqued and crack the case. I went through 3 craigslist bikes before i found one without JB weld around the drain plug.
  5. wolfgang123

    Tusk Air Filter 98-18 YZ250

    i use them as disposables too. Change every 2 or 3 rides.. I buy them when i can get them, they sell out quick
  6. wolfgang123

    Noticed a flat spot when honing cylinder

    in my eyes I hard the drill going slow a a snail. But oh well, the the coating missing from under the exhaust port i guess it needed to be replated anyways.
  7. wolfgang123

    Noticed a flat spot when honing cylinder

    more pictures for the sake of the thread. without the flash
  8. wolfgang123

    Noticed a flat spot when honing cylinder

    Well I suppose i goofed this one up, oh well. You live you learn right! Any recommendation on a shop to do cylinder re-plates? Also from the 5 minutes of research i have done so far it seems like a 295 kit or something similiar would only cost be a couple more bones. Thoughts on that option?
  9. wolfgang123

    Noticed a flat spot when honing cylinder

    one more thing, the "grinding marks" are VERY VERY enhanced by the camera flash. Not even close to looking that severe in person
  10. wolfgang123

    Noticed a flat spot when honing cylinder

    dang I never expected this much heat!! I watched a video on rocky mountain ATV you tube channel for rebuilding a cylinder on a yz250.. Did exactly what they did. apparently that was wrong? I haven't had a chance to read everyone's response. But i might just put her back together and see what happens. I have a sneaky feeling she needs more than a top end anyways I am going to more research before just going with it..but we will see
  11. Attached you will a picture of my cylinder. As part of the standard top end rebuild i used one of those cylinder hones with all the small balls on the end of it. Attached it to my drill at a slow speed and only for about 20ish seconds. Cleaned out the cylinder with brake clean and noticed this weird wear mark. I cant feel anything with my fingers but looking for some input before i reassemble. the mark is fairly easy to see in the picture, right below the exhaust port.
  12. wolfgang123

    DEP Woods PipeYZ250.. Who has one?

    It was around april of last year
  13. wolfgang123

    YZ250X Inadvertant Powervalve Mod

    can you provide any quick links to this powervalve mod?
  14. wolfgang123

    DEP Woods PipeYZ250.. Who has one?

    I had the exact same problem!! Ended up cutting and re-welding that mount just a hair shorter after removing some material. My Q-stealth did not go on easy.. and i hate having to remove it and re-install.
  15. wolfgang123

    DEP Woods PipeYZ250.. Who has one?

    I had to grind the flange down on my q-stealth to fit It was too long to mount to the subframe. I had to take about 3/4 of an inch off it to make it fit.