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  1. JWaldrop8784

    2004 KX250F Jetting

    All stock. But ever since i started using the ready filters and the put the pipe on it bogs in the mid range and pops really bad on decel.
  2. I need to know what main, pilot, and needle setting i need for my bike at 2500 feet elevation. I have a pro circuit silencer and an air filter. Anything close to what i need would be great. thanks guys. (im an idiot when it comes to this stuff )
  3. JWaldrop8784

    KX250F Jets

    Thats good to know. When i say red hot i mean red hot. Like you can see the pipe stright from the head to the sheild where it is glowing red! Is that normal?
  4. JWaldrop8784

    KX250F Jets

    Thanks man! I am in tucson,az so i am not sure what elevation i should be at. Any other input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. JWaldrop8784

    KX250F Jets

    So here is my problem. I have a 2004 kx250f. Put a pro circuit pipe on it and a air filter. So i decided i would need to up the jetting on it also. WRONG!! I went with the fmf jet kit and that thing is the biggest crap pile. Went back down to stock and now my bike is running so lean it turns the header red after 5-10 mins. I need to know the stock setting for everything on the carb cause it ran just fine before and pulled really hard. thanks fellas