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  1. I'm not an expert on carbs but any bike I've owned drains fuel out of the overflow when the bike is tilted over to the side. It runs out of the overflow tube you were looking at. As far as the float removal goes, The pin that runs thru the pivot point should just push out to either side I believe. Then the float and float valve pin pulls strait out. Mind how the float is attached to the pin so you can get it back together correctly. Hope this helps...
  2. Thanks for the reply Punkinhead, When I removed the wrong plug, It wasn't missing anything but the end of it no longer had a gap. It looked kinda mashed together. Yes a compression test is in order for sure. I will source a buddy with a guage. The next question is what kind of compression am I looking for in PSI?
  3. Input need here guys I was trying to revive a TTR125 that has been sitting for too long. I cleaned the carb up real good then proceeded to check the spark plug. Where I probably messed up was when I put the wrong spark plug back in the bike. There were several plugs on the bench and I installed a plug for a YZF426 by mistake. The wrong plug is longer than the correct one. That is, It screws into the head just a little further. (more threads) I didn't realize my mistake till I tried kicking it a few times. When I realized what I had done and took out the incorrect plug, I could see that it had been impacted by what I believe to be one of the valves. Now it seems it's not making much compression. Did I just bend a valve? Dang I feel stupid right about now...
  4. No wonder your bike is so clean... I wouldn't leave the house either...
  5. Hey ... He's quick! He should race or sumthin'
  6. Only 4 miles and the polishing begins... Sheesh Brad.
  7. I think I remember him getting caught in a crosswind doing that. Some dragstrip somewhere. Crashed pretty hard as I remember.
  8. He is a tough dude for sure. Very Determined young man. The song in the first vid is nice.
  9. Your local bike shop should have them in stock.
  10. 2 Honda's 2 Yamaha's 1 Triumph Garage is packed!
  11. Great Post Priceless indeed I love this stuff...Wish I could have ridden with my old man.
  12. Did you get "monky-butt" ? That would kill me I'm afraid. But it looks like a blast tho.
  13. Yeah thats a good vid to watch. Makes me sweat just looking at it.
  14. Those are some nice Quads. Congrats on the bike.
  15. Busa's are bad-a$$ bikes. Probably a lot faster than my Triumph.