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  1. Possibly making a trip to the Outer Banks of NC in mid-April. We were thinking about bringing our DS bikes (family trip so we'll have lots of babysitting options). Any one know of riding areas nearby? Looking for trails. Nothing too gnarly. We ride Florida -- mostly Croom.
  2. crashlee

    Durham Town

    We tried the single track that's in the main area and thought that was narrow as well. Are the moose tracks the same? Best advice is to relax. First time out, we were apprehensive about where we were going but once you're there, you'll get it. It's very well laid out. If you're staying in a cabin, bring an extension cord and multi-outlet. We found them to be useful.
  3. crashlee

    Official Croom thread

    Croom is pretty much a free-for-all. It's not like other riding areas like Durhamtown and Highland Park where you need to stay on marked, one-way trails. The trails at Croom criss-cross. You just kinda go. Eventually, you'll run into a fence. The marked trails on the map are good for getting your bearings.
  4. crashlee

    Rain rant

    Come to Florida and you will love the rain. The rain packs down the sand and makes for wonderful riding conditions.
  5. crashlee

    Track and Trails

    If you have the time and don't mind the distance, try Durhamtown. They have a variety of trails (all one-way) and a bunch of tracks. And they allow dogs. Hubby and I went on our first bike trip there last October for our Anniversary and are now planning our 4th trip.
  6. crashlee

    Apalachicola State Park riding

    Did not know that area existed. We were thinking of doing a durhamtown trip in december but since our riding buds weren't going, we were thinking of trying something different and hopefully closer. Do the campgrounds have facilities? Or is it "in the rough"? We have dual sport bikes so some travel on regular roads is not an issue.
  7. crashlee

    Highland park vs. DP

    I also was wondering about trying HP. Been to DP 3 times. I'm not a real big fan of a lot tight single track (like variety) and we have a couple of MXers in our group so I think we may stick to DP. Although, I will suggest our single track guys try HP if they get the chance. Thinking about heading to DP 11/7-11/10. Never been there on the weekend. How busy does it get? Other option is the second week in Dec (during the week). Last year we were the only campers during the first week of Dec. and we froze but still had a great time.
  8. crashlee

    Croom trail head entrances... (DonO)

    The Croom Enduro is this Sunday. Do they stay towards the back?
  9. crashlee

    Title question

    We had a title for our '78 YZ250. If the guy really wanted to sell it and he owns it outright, he should have gotten a replacement title before he put it up for sale. If he owes money on it, the bank would have the title. I got a bike from someone who owed money and I got the title after he paid it off. It required a bit of faith on my behalf. I did get him to fill out the bill of sale form from the DMV but not sure how that would have held up if things went south.
  10. crashlee

    Croom trail head entrances... (DonO)

    I swear those lettered main trails have messed up my internal navigation. Before, I pretty much knew where I was going. Now, I see the markers and I start overthinking it and wonder which way I'm going. Yes, I'll take the randomness.
  11. crashlee

    Plan a Croom Ride with Wives or GFs Thoughts??

    was there today. very dry and hot. and yes, the spiders were there but not too bad. Attendance seems to be down a lot. The front lot was pretty open but I think more and more people are opting for the long drive to the back lots. Seeing more women. Either together with a other women or with their families but definitely more women. I'm sure things will pick up once it cools down.
  12. can the track sue the parents for child neglect for not keeping an eye on their own kid? alright, I realize that comment is insensitive. There's a kid that got in over his head and is paying a huge price for a quick bad decision.
  13. crashlee

    The new Motosportz kickstand thread

    I finally actually witnessed my stock kickstand do "the dance". There was no way I was walking away. I do enjoy watching my non-husky riding buddies do the swing and miss when they try to put them down. I lure them in with an offer to test ride. When they come back and look at me and as tell me how nice it is...I watch them raise their leg and whoosh...nothing but air. Still better than my buddy's KTM stand. He's given up and will only use it if there is absolutely nothing else he can use.
  14. Croom was sweet this morning!!!!!! Thank you to the rain gods for that!
  15. crashlee

    Advise for Female rider. TE250

    sorry I'm a little late to this conversation --- Congrats Pepstar (fellow thumpette)!!!! I have an '06 TE250 and absolutely love mine as well. I was moving up from a 225 play bike and had test rode some buddies Hondas, KTMs, etc. I was a little nervous about how twitchy and stiff their bikes felt. I bought my TE pretty much sight unseen and was so happy and relieved at how comfortable and smooth it is. I don't know how the new bikes are but previous posts on older models have advised that the suspension will "settle" after about 500 miles. I'm 5'7", 135lbs and am able to touch ground securely without lowering the bike or shaving the seat. I also had to wait over a week to get mine -- and another week to ride it - so I can appreciate how looonnnng the next 2 weeks will be for you. Congratulations and let 'er rip girl!!