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  1. I'm looking to get a new graphics kit for my RMZ. Anyone got any cool pics of theirs. I just have the stock 06 ones.
  2. You must have your suspensions settings wrong. I am a 220 pounder too and I have no problem with turns.
  3. for some reason i can't veiw your photo. All I get is the sign in page for photobucket.
  4. I am about to get an 06 RMZ450 and everyone says that they can't keep the front down. Is it a controlled wheelie or are you about to fall over on your back every time you shift to another gear. Also anyone got some cool wheelie pics?
  5. thats one way to cover up a fall. I really like the new linkage system though.
  6. thanks kfx manson
  7. anyone have any videos with the new or any rmz 450's in it?
  8. I'm not getting a used one, I'm getting a 2006 but thanks for the info
  9. I will be buying an RMZ250 soon and i want to know if anyone has come across and major problems with the bike. How long is the bottom end expected to last on one.
  10. Thanks for the input. I'll be picking up my 250 as soon as another one comes in. Can't wait to go for a ride
  11. I didn't ask if anyone cared. I asked what it was. So meybe you shouldn't say $hit if you don't know gray151. I don't really give a $hit if you care or not! I got a RMZ 450 and i know that it does 120-125 km/h with a 49 tooth sprocket. I was wondering if it would even be worth my while to get a RMZ250 or just stick with my RM 125
  12. What is the top speed of an RMZ 250 with stock everything? What is the top speed with a 50- tooth rear sproket?
  13. Thanks for the info Joer6. That system sounds pretty good. Can't wait till I get mine.
  14. MCCT is a Manual Cam Chain Tensioner. Thats what I want to know if the 06 and 05 has!
  15. I hear some people say that the 06 RMZ 450 has a MCCT, but then other people claim it has and auto. Which person is telling the truth. I will be getting mine soon and I want to know. Can sameone make up their mind. like