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  1. Captain Bob

    So what is the 450 better at than the 510

    I have a TC450 and have ridden TE450's and TE510's. I ride in tight New England single track. IMO the 510 "good news" is its very very easy to ride as a result of very linear and smooth power. The bad news is its very very easy to ride as a result of very linear and smooth power. It has all the grunt and torque you would ever want and is a good trail bike. To me...., it is a bit boring. The TE450 I think handles and feels simlar to the 510 but has serious power. Not quite as smooth on the "power" transition meaning the throttle can feel like an on/off switch at times. The power is addicting however. The TC450 is another totally different animal. Has serious power but has the handling and nimbleness of a 250 (at least mine does). Its shortcomings are it cannot be plated and is only a 5 speed so you are totally tapped out around 70 plus mph. Personally, I do not ride the bike in the woods that fast so I don't care about the top end. I have never ridden a TXC and am wondering if that bike has the nimbleness of the TC with the TE gearbox. That may be the perfect combination. just my 2 cents....
  2. Captain Bob

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Forgot to mention.... I need to change my avatar. Both my dirtbikes are Husky's, The avatar was a previous dirtbike (99 Yamachuckle WR400).
  3. Captain Bob

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    I was an exec in the hi-tech industry (32 years), I took an early retirment offer and am now Director of Customer Service and Consumer Sales for a firearms manufacturer. 61 years old and still going strong. I retired from road racing in 2005 and am back in the dirt (where I started long ago) with a 99 WR250 and an 04 TC450
  4. Captain Bob

    Radiator Fix

    Doesn't everybody carry cheese in their tool kit? LOL
  5. Captain Bob

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    I am 61 and have a 99 WR250 and a 04 TC450. Both bikes are for the woods although I do have the supermoto equipment (wheels/suspension/triple clamps) for the TC450. My last 4 stroke was a 99 Yamaha WR400 (see avatar). Great bike but I really like the Husky's. I do all of my own work and the Husky (4 stroke specifically) is a dream to maintain compared to others.
  6. Captain Bob

    Rear Shock Question

    Norman, Just now getting to reading your reply. Thanks for the info. I will definitely look these folks up! Bob
  7. Captain Bob

    Rear Shock Question

    Well, I got my shock back. I found out it was revalved 3 levels below stock. No wonder it was so soft. I also found out the alleged 6.2kg spring Factory Connection sold me (at an elevated price I might add) is not 6.2 but a 6.0! That really p's me off. I am a big guy and need a minimum of 6.2. My old Yamaha WR400 was a 6.4 and it was perfect! Oh well, I guess I just need to suck it up and learn from my experience. I have put the shock back on and hopefully will try it out today. Thanks for all the responses to my questions.
  8. Captain Bob

    Rear Shock Question

    I stand corrected! You are right, my spring is a 5.4kg. As it turns out, I sent my shock to my favorite suspension guy. Hew is going to revalve it for me. I should have it back by Friday. Hopefull;y, I will have some rebound.
  9. Captain Bob

    Rear Shock Question

    The original spring was 4.5 or 4.6. I am a big dude so need a stiff spring.
  10. I have a 99 WR250 that I bought last fall and pretty much rebuiilt it over the winter. The bike is great! I was just out riding it today. I do have a suspension issue I need to solve but other then that, I am very happy with it. You will like yours, I'm sure!
  11. Captain Bob

    Rear Shock Question

    I just replaced the stock spring off my 99 WR250 rear Sachs shock with a 6.2kg spring. I now notice I have very little rebound adjustment. Do I need to re-valve the rear shock when replacing springs with a much heavier spring? I noticed this same issue with my forks. I went to .48 springs and do not have much rebound adjustment. Appreciate any thoughts you folks may have!
  12. I would be interested in the side panels. How much you looking to get for them? Bob
  13. Captain Bob

    pics of my 99 wr250

    Brandon, I will take the old seat off your hands if you do not want it. I have a 99 WR250 and the seat is hurting. Your bike looks pretty good. Mine has plain plastic on it. I wish I could find graphics for it.
  14. Captain Bob

    WR250 Brake Rotor Question.....

    As it turned out, I have a front rotor on order fron Hall's for $73.95. They were not able to tell me if it is available however because their computer is down. I would like to know however, if the 99 Husky rotors (front and back) apply to other makes of bikes. If anyone has this info, please let me know. Thanks! Bob
  15. Folks, Anyone know the best place to get a reasonably priced front brake rotor for a 99 Husky WR250? I have searched ebay with no luck. I am not sure what other makes of bikes might use the same rotor. Any help would be appreciated. Bob