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  1. I have an Aussie 06E and replaced my E cams with Hotcams Stg 2 intake and Stage 1 Exhaust. I found that it performed better with the stock E exhaust cam paired with the Stg 2 hotcams inlet cam. Ended up selling the Hotcams Stg 1 exhaust cam.
  2. waza555

    Athena A and B Piston

    Thanks for the replies, it makes sense to me now. And yes Eddie, i do tend read too much into things. But when it comes to my DRZ, all care is taken.
  3. waza555

    Athena A and B Piston

    Why would they make a B cylinder at all Eddie? They don't make a C piston
  4. waza555

    2000 FCR accelerator pump plunger

    Did a search and found the answer to my first question. Still would like to know the affect on my bikes performance, if any, when the TPS is not set correctly.
  5. waza555

    Athena A and B Piston

    Yesterday i went to order a replacement piston For my Athena Big Bore and was asked to check my cylinder For the letter A or B stamped on it as to which piston i would need. Apparently there is an A and B Cylinder. I checked my Cylinder and found a big letter B stamped on it in front of two smaller groups of numbers. I have been led to believe that the B piston was to be used if there was a little bit of wear in the bore, as it is .01mm wider than the A piston. Can anyone using the Athena cylinders check to see if they can find a big letter A stamped on the cylinder, it can be found on the carby side of the cylinder. Why would they make two different cylinder kits with only .01mm difference in bore size?
  6. waza555

    2000 FCR accelerator pump plunger

    My tps also dislodged because the bolt holding it to the carby worked its way loose so i had to buy a new bolt and spacer to reconnect it. How do i reset the tps? How would it affect my bikes performance if the tps is not set correctly?
  7. waza555

    RM usd forks?

    I like the look of the RM inverted forks on a drz but after talking with several reputable suspension places the information they are giving me is that unless i can get a set of late model 2006+ inverted rm/rmz forks i would be wasting my money as the standard 49mm forks, reworked are every bit as good as the earlier model inverted. Is this correct information?
  8. waza555

    Staintune exhaust

    I am running a full staintune system and and don't have the tinny/pinging sound mentioned. Does it make this sound with the insert out? Sounds like it could be a jetting issue.
  9. waza555

    Big Bore Kit

    Not sure about anyone else but i have nothing but good things to say about the athena kit. 25,000klms on my athena kit with no issues. Looking at putting a new athena piston in now, just to freshen up and for peace of mind. $1100au for a wiseco kit or $750-$800au for an athena kit, i know what i would be doing!
  10. I would just like to make any obvious changes if any while i have my carby out and have easy access to jets. Cheers:thumbsup:
  11. My jetting that i have been running with is 165 main, 45 pilot, emn needle 3rd clip and 3 turns fuel screw with with the 3x3 air-box mod. Question is, what jetting changes will i have to make as I have just removed the backfire screen and opened up the right hand side of my air-box by drilling six 1 inch holes. In addition i have drilled two 1 inch holes which i have covered with gauze on the air-box cover and RH side plate?
  12. waza555

    Drz400e Electrical problem

    My bike started first push of the button this morning (first time in 4 weeks). After i had taken off my seat i noticed the plastic connection was wedged between the sub-frame and the rear guard. Upon releasing this to get a good look at the wires and connections is when i noticed the detached wire. I suspect the the connection was bad and when i moved the wires it became completely detached. Time will tell i guess but i am confident that was the source of my problem.
  13. waza555

    Drz400e Electrical problem

    Update electrical gremlin: I thought i would first check all wiring and connections.10 minutes in and i hope i have got lucky as i found the yellow wire that goes to the starter relay had become disconnected. Does this sound like the cause of my problems? I suppose i will find out tomorrow morning when the bike is cold and i hit the button.
  14. waza555

    Drz400e Electrical problem

    All good advice, thankyou to all who replied. Now the hunt is on!
  15. waza555

    Drz400e Electrical problem

    Cheers cixelsyd, sounds like a plan. I am a novice when it comes to the electrical side of things. Your info gives me somewhere to start. Thanks again:thumbsup: