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    RIDING!!!! Camping, fishing, hiking...hanging with my girls! Racing against my daughter!
  1. Hey Cracker!!! I have to admit that I have pro-created three (count 1,2,3) of what you are referring to as "Barbies." Mind you two of them can ride a dirt bike like no other "barbie." I congradulate the women out there...that can clean up well...act like a lady...yes "grooming" involved...and yet still are not afraid of eating a little dirt. Miss Cracker...Abby is noteably one of these "barbies" who if you noticed while riding with all in pink...on her KX100 tearing up the trails and ended up muddy from head to toe...yet cleans up rather nicely!!! BTW...are you planning on riding next weekend with us??? Cyndi
  3. Lyons
  4. Short Vs Long Run! Haha! Funny story there. I recruited two guys from Rocky Mountain Kawasaki to do the run with me. After the short lap we lost Grant...wiped him out I guess and Lee was seriously contemplating calling it a day! I couldn't believe my ears??? Were they going to let a girl "out ride" them??? Lee finally gave in and joined me on the long run! It was awesome and he admitted getting his second wind. I am a bit sore still, but no bruises and a big smile on my face. Am so looking forward to the one in the fall! So next time any of you are in sure to give Grant and Lee a hard time for me would ya? Cyndi
  5. The video was great! I too am constantly attempting to recruit people this sport! It's awesome and makes for a great family camping trip!
  6. OH MY HECK!!! The Poker Run was a blast! I will have to admit...I've never done one before and it was difficult reminding myself that it wasn't a race! It was odd seeing people taking a break...which by the way, I took several myself...along the trails. I am having a hard time moving my bones this morning, yet still not feeling too old for this stuff! Kudos to all the women who attempted it! Coming from Cali where more and more women are riding and's nice to see that it's picking up out here for us females!!! It kicks your butt from time to time...but don't give up. Some of the best memories are built from tearing it up on the trails! Noticed there were photographers at the start and am wondering if anyone knows how to get ahold of these pics. Is there a web site? looking forward to the Fall Poker Run! What a blast! And a huge THANKS to all that worked the Run yesterday. You all ROCK!!! Cyndi
  7. Sweet!!! Thanks!!!
  8. Hey any of you know if there is an age limit for the Poker Run at Rampart Range? My daughter is 13 and wants to ride it with me. And if they do allow youth they put them in a seperate class? Cyndi
  9. OH MY HECK!!!! Where were you guys riding??? TOTALLY AWESOME AND INTENSE.... RESPECT AND KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU!!!
  10. I'll be there...thems my old stomping grounds!!! Am so looking forward to hitting the trails up there again!!!!! Good luck!
  11. AWESOME PICS AND STORY LINE!!! I raced that last year...OH MY HECK...what a challenge...I only did two loops...but finished with a huge grin on my face!!! Most intense race I have ever entered!!! Congrats on finishing!!! Job well done!!!
  12. That looks like Moonrocks!!! Great Pics!!!
  13. I just bought a KX100 2003 for my 13 year old daughter. She is stepping up from the XR100. I believe the transition from a 4-stroke to a 2-stroke will be an adjustment...but will soon be second hat. We just bought it Friday...I dropped it off at Rocky Mountain Kawasaki and put two new tires on it, new bark busters, they are rejetting it and repacking the pipe for me. My daughter is anxious to hit the trails. She has ridden a two stroke before but not on a continuum and has a little over a year of racing Hare Scrambles under her belt, so I think the transition will be easy for her. Let me know how yours turns out...would love some feed back and I'll keep ya posted on ours!!!
  14. Dude!!! I was so there!!! The ice on the front of my bike and goggles was excellent!!! Best traction yet this year!!! What trail were you on? I didn't see any tracks in front of mine? Honda Girl
  15. Nice Pics!!! Moonrocks IS a great place to ride!!! Fun trails...hairy hill climbs....sand washes and whoops!!! Good times and great fun!!!