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  1. This ones more for Eddie but chime in if you can advise.... I've just purchased a new 2014 HONDA CRF450R here in AUS and opened up the airbox like the US models and bolted on a Yoshimura RS9 complete system. The young local racer from my Honda shop says he has a map which you had advised him to use for this setup which he can put in my bike for me but he is not sure if it will run the same in my '14' model as he was running it in the '13' 450R.... Do you thyink it will still run the same even though the new 2014 has the dual stage ignition? Or do you have something more specific for the 2014 models I could run? Everything else is stock, I've just made it breath. I don't want to run it too lean. Thommo. Aus
  2. Well we did go up to a #170 Main and fuel screw 1 1/4 turns out ok however what I forgot to mention was that I was running an 08 YZ Shorty Exhaust on the fmf megabomb header which was choking it up a little with that jetting and causing the stutter... When I fitted the 4.1 fmf muffler it eliminated the stutter and we had to richen up the main jet... Hope this makes sense
  3. They also compared my bike with a stock 2010 YZ which ran identical power curves but just had 2hp more in the over-rev...
  4. We spent 2 1/2hrs on the dyno with my bike where we did around 15-20 runs... I didn't upload all dyno printouts or air/fuel ratios at the various throttle settings however we ended up dialling it in by changing numerous jets and needle positions...
  5. yep sure did... more like a fire breathing monster!!! Ohhh and it's street legal here in AUS... but lets keep that on tha down lo hahahahha
  6. Had the bike dynoed and jetted correctly... the end result Main #170 Pilot #45 DSQ Needle - 3rd Clip Check the WR forum for the vid of hte Dyno run + the Horsepower/Torque printout
  7. Here is the link to a higher resolution dyno image... Think the stock WR puts out under 40hp without de-restricting??? The dyno shop had recently done a WR450F with a white bros full system + vortex Ignition with stock cams which had 45 Max hp. When compared to my graph I had a fatter curve all the way from when the throttle was cracked off the bottom
  8. While recovering from an ACL reconstruction in my right knee I thought I'd have the motor rebuilt in the '08' WR with '09' YZ Cams, CP High Comp Piston 13:1, FMF 4.1 Megabomb full titanium system + Vortex X10 Ignition, then had it jetted to suit & dynoed. The end result.... MAP-0 on the vortex Max Power - 50.08 hp @ 8500 rpm Max Torque - 32.82 ft-lbs @ 7000 rpm Jetting as follows Main - #170 Pilot - #45 DSQ Needle - 3rd Clip Fuel Screw - 1 1/4 turns out More cosmetic mods to come!
  9. no don't have a DSP needle? Will get one though and give it a go...
  10. OK got up this morning and went one leaner on the DSQ Needle now at POS #3 and went one leaner on the PJ now a #45 (stock)... 1 1/2 turns out on fuel screw... Bike still has a flutter at 1/8th - 1/4 throttle.... But is much better than the stutter/sure it was having before... Might try dropping the clip to POS #2 seen as though it must have been to rich at clip POS #4... Any Suggestions???
  11. 08 WR450F - YZ CAMS (09) - HIGH COMP CP PISTON - FMF 4.1 MEGABOMB - VORTEX IGNITION What jetting do you guys suggest... or even what needle??? the main and pilot seem fine??? I was thinking the stock NFLR needle from the 09 YZ450F on clip position #3... current jetting as follows #168 Main #48 Pilot DSQ Needle Clip Pos #4 (Is this the GYTR needle from the AIS removal kit?) BK MOD Quickshot 2 MSR Fuel Screw 1 3/4 Turns Currently have a stutter/surging from 1/8th to 1/4 throttle I think when it's swapping from the pilot to the needle circuit... full throttle is fine... no popping on decel... I live in AUS and am at sea level
  12. muddza

    52T Rear Sprocket Ride Report

    yer thought Id run the 13 for motoX and the 14 for woods... haven't ridden with the 14 yet though?
  13. muddza

    52T Rear Sprocket Ride Report

    I too just dropped a 52 on the rear... What size front counter sprocket are you running?
  14. muddza

    15 tooth sprocket on a WR450

    I fabricated a new counter sprocket guard from a piece of 3mm alloy I had layin around in the shed... I traced the old one and then trimmed a little off the inside to allow the sprocket and chain to run freely... I can swap sprockets over now and maintain the 50 rear sprocket without changing chains... Your gunna love the 15 tooth mate... top speed around 175klmh down the beach... yeeeeew... Don't know exact cruising RPM at 100klmh but its certainly nice and lo...
  15. muddza

    Best Berm blast/roost thread

    All the way from OZ http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=268418&l=d9211547dc&id=589016187 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=268424&l=ee2f039666&id=589016187