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  1. T-racer

    07 KTM 450 EXC with new IMS tank

    The bike looks sweet. I bought my 07 exc450 in September and I love it. I've been thinking about getting a bigger tank. How much more mileage do you get with the bigger tank?
  2. I bought a 07 and I am stoked with it. Has anyone in the states seen a 08 yet?
  3. I wanted to buy a 07 exc 450 this weekend. But I've been reading about the new 08 450 and 530 exc-r's. Now I am torn. I want a new bike now but should I wait a few weeks and get the 08. Is it going to be hard to get them once they are in? What should I do?
  4. Very nice....and you do have a good job.
  5. Thanks for the info on volunteering. I'm going to look into them and see what will work for me. The trails you are talking about, how do you get to them. I am somewhat familar with the OC area but I have never noticed any signs or trails you can see for the streets. Can you or some one give me an idea of who to get to these trails. Thanks
  6. Sounds like it was a good time. Thanks for the good report
  7. I ordered a battery from Baja Designs. It was back ordered when I ordered it. They told me it would take a week. Before the week was up they called me and said they haven't recieved there shipment in and it would be a little longer. Then when they got them in they called me again and told me exactly when they were shipping it and it came earlier than they said. So for me, they had great customer service and were very helpfull and friendly. Just thought I throw my story in the mix.
  8. T-racer

    ???Wolf Pak????

    No, there is a backpack, camel pack, fanny pack all built into one. It clips onto your chest protector or it has shoulder straps. But the wolfman stuff does look pretty good.
  9. Does anybody have a wolfpak? I saw them at the off road expo in pomona earlier this month. They are kink of pricey, but I thought it was a good concept. Any feedback would be great.
  10. Thats an awsome idea. Thanks for all the detail its a big help. I didn't want to buy a bolt on bag but now I'm in.
  11. Just finnished reading the entire thread. Sounds like a good time. If I get back from baja in time. I'm def. in. Thanks again
  12. T-racer

    WR 426 range

    Good idea, I'll try not to, but there are no garenties
  13. So how hard is the ride? I've been riding since I was 5, but I've never ridden that far. No were close to that far. What should I expect. I guessing anything and everything.
  14. Thanks for all of the info. I'm gladd we can sign up the day of the event. We'll be at the baja 1000 the week before so its going to be cutting it close to get back in time.
  15. T-racer

    WR 426 range

    I thought about that but I do need my light. I also saw the tank that is integrated into the side plate.