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  1. Will a Sano Chromoly +1” frame work with the Xtreme CRIII, l am concerned about the head stock bearings. Any other fitment issues? Thanks
  2. Hi, I've got the takegawa 88cc r stage kit on my sons bike, along with an icat, fmf exhaust and rev box, he races ovals on it. Will a rotor kit work with it, he is seven and still running auto, any other mods without doing the 107cc mod? Also when he pulls off there is a lot of hesitation, any ideas on what this could be? Thanks
  3. On the link below you can get the above. Which alows you to fit a light weight Kitaco crank, and if used with a takegawa primary gear you can use one of there high capacity oil pumps, has any one done this mod? What part numbers have you used? I think it will be an ideal mod for the big cc's. How can l tell if me engine is the required "C" series engine. Thanks
  4. I've got a Xtreme CRIII, which has had the following done to the engine, ported head, lightened flywheel and oil slinger, 131cc hi comp piston, 26 mm carb, rev box, cromer cam and takegawa big bore exhaust. What is the next step to better the performace, are there any big valve heads, which are compatible with this engine? Any other ideas? I race in the unlimited class in grass track. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply, rather than weight can you confirm which dimensions you change if you still have that info, or any marks you can machine too?
  6. Has anyone shaved any metal off their oil slinger, l've got an Xtreme CR3 soon to be 131, l've heard that l can take 3/8" off it in a lathe which will help the engine spin up a little quicker? If so was it worth it, how much did you take off? Thanks
  7. I've just ordered myself the 131cc upgrade kit along with race cam, l am already running 26mm carb, big bore exhaust and rev box. My bike is an extreme cr3. Has anyone else got this kit then polished and ported the head? I hear that polishing will have the greatest effect. Has anyone else done this mod, or advise on whether it is worth doing the head? Thanks
  8. I want to do the 131 hc piston mod to my bike, has any one had any problems with this, l also intend to have the head skimmed, ported and polished. Thanks
  9. No l don't have to stay 125, its just a pitbike open class. I want to maintain reliability though. Thanks
  10. What is the GPX engine mod, and where can you get bore increase mods are they reliable? Have you had any head work done to your engine? Thanks
  11. What upgrade next l race grass track (ovals) and occasionally motoduro's? So mid to high power required. My current ride is a X-Sport CR3 125, with the following mods. Takegawa Race Exhaust Kitaco Mikuni VM26 Rev Box Race Cam IShock Starcross Kitaco Coil Talon 16F 38R I have spoken to an engine tuner they say revert to a 22mm carb get it ported, polished and skimmed then dynoed, l like the carb l've got and don't want to get rid for the sake of it. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. HELP. Does anyone know where l can buy a exhaust valve guide for the Type R stage head. I've been quoted 3 weeks from Takegawa, l need it sooner as my son is racing in a fortnights time. Anyone know of where l might be able to get this part from? I'm based in the UK at the moment. Thanks
  13. Any other ideas? Any one else had problems with this kit?
  14. Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll order a magnetic sump plug. It was only within a couple of hours of use this happened. The bike is my sons and he is 7 years old, he uses it in grass track races. We run the bike in gently, he had two practice sessions. On the way to the start line for the first practice laps the bike stopped, it was idling in the pits for no more than 5 minutes max, then the engine died. I started it for him first kit no problems, got to the line, flag dropped and the bike stopped again, l thought it may be a plug problem, however started the bike once more shot off and about 100m up the first straight the bike stopped and failed to start again... The timing, tappets and rebuild was all done by a professional, and was checked the night before the race, all was good. The only other thing we notice was it looked like the piston was ever so lightly hitting the bottom of the head...! Any ideas.
  15. Thanks for your reply. Yes the high volumn pump was installed and care was taken to remove all swarf. We also had to buy a new oil pump drive sprocket as the old one had about 1/3 of the teeth missing....